Friday, December 21, 2012

Has Rex Ryan Lost His Marbles?

Written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief
Reports have surfaced that Rex Ryan will make Mark Sanchez the backup quarterback (QB) for Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers. Rex Ryan will not announce who is the backup and he doesn't have to if he dresses all three QB's. Has Rex Ryan lost his marbles?

Has Rex Ryan ever had any marbles? Yes he did but he jumped off the deep end weeks ago. Rex Ryan has stood by Mark Sanchez even though his play has been terrible. Mark has fumbled his way to futility. He's also thrown 17 interceptions and only 13 touchdowns. He is ranked 33 out of 35 QBs. The guy has been atrocious.

Sanchez hasn't earned the right to backup Greg McElroy. I think Tim Tebow deserves that right. A rational person and coach would have named him the backup or even the starter. I actually think that Tim Tebow should have been named the starter. What does Rex Ryan have to lose? Nothing. His team has been eliminated from the playoffs.

New York Jets fans asked Ryan to bench Sanchez weeks ago but the ignorant and defiant coach wouldn't listen. He gambled on the hope that Sanchez would turn things around. He didn't. That might cost Ryan his job. He has blown it. He should receive the blame for the Jets missing the playoffs.

The final five games on the Jets schedule is against losers (They have two games left). The Jets failed to capitalize on their weak schedule. Ryan never made the right adjustments in the QB position to give the team a chance at making the playoffs. He continued to ride Mark Sanchez. He continues to do the same thing. It's possible that McElroy will falter on Sunday and need to be relieved of his duties. For his latest decision not to start Tim Tebow or make him the backup, Ryan is Friday's Fool off the Day.

Why should Sanchez be the one to do it? His body of work this year has been less than credible. It's time for the Jets and Rex Ryan to give Tebow a chance. There are only two games left. What's the harm?

I think the only harm that might occur is if Tebow actually won a game or two. That would prove that  Rex "The Brainless" Ryan was wrong all along. It will show that he mismanaged the QB position. It will prove that he should be fired.

If Rex Ryan is holding on to any hope that he will return as the team's head coach, he will not take that chance. He can't take that chance. Ryan has lost his marbles. He's void of common sense and he must be fired at season's end.

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  1. More B.S. piled higher and deeper by the minute. Ryan the lying gasbag would resign if he had any decency. But the man is shameless. And two-faced. I would hate to be stuck hoping for him to watch my back. He is a serpent.
    Now, from the Coach who couldn’t figure out how to make the Wildcat work with a left handed QB who can’t throw—his next brilliant idea? Bring in Mike “The Coach Career Killer” Vick. Priceless.

    1. Dan, thanks for your comment and welcome to Sportmentary. I particularly like your serpent comment. I look forward to seeing your comments again. Happy Holidays and a happy New Year.

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