Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ground and Pound - San Francisco 49ers Win

The San Francisco 49ers got another victory and they did it primarily through a ground and pound offense. It was the running game that dominated their offense. The 49ers also got their first turnover in what seemed like a century. Recovering a dropped punt by Miami Dolphins knucklehead Marcus Thigpen also helped the 49ers cause. That fumble proved costly to the Dolphins as it led to a San Francisco touchdown (TD).

The 49ers scored three TDs and ran for 155 yards rushing against the Miami Minnows. Frank Gore was the team's biggest producer running for 63 yards on 12 carries and scoring a TD. Frank made key runs when it counted and that helped the 49ers clinch the game in the fourth quarter.

The 49ers defense did the job. They recovered a fumble that led to a TD. They also limited the Dolphins to 155 yards passing and only 94 yards on the ground. More importantly the 49ers only gave up one TD. That's good defense.

Colin Kaeprnick was OK. He wasn't called on to do much. That was a good thing because Colin was just OK and nothing more than that. Colin managed the game and he was underwhelming. Colin also had a fumble. If the 49ers had played a good team, they probably would have lost the game. I'm not sure if Kaepernick would have been able to throw it at will against another team. He wasn't able to do that against a Dolphins defense that played pretty well.

I'm not sure why Alex Smith isn't the starter. If you are going to manage the game against a team like the Dolphins there's no better game manager than Alex Smith. That's not meant as an insult. After having a great game against the Chicago Bears and a decent game against the New Orleans Saints (Who suck) Kaepernick was just plain OK on Sunday. Oh, I forgot about the Rams game. He was terrible in that game. Maybe beating the Bears wasn't that big a deal after all. Everyone's beating them these days including the Minnesota Vikings.

I think that Smith has been robbed of his starting position  Colin Kaepernick has not impressed me in the past couple of weeks and I'm scared he will blow the team's chances if he is the starter in the playoffs. This is ridiculous. I hope that Harbaugh will go back to Alex Smith but that won't happen unless Kaeprnick has a disastrous outing, Even if that happens he might not start Smith. I think he hates Alex. He's just not willing to admit it.

In the end it was a good defense and the ground and pound running game that were the difference today.

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