Sunday, December 23, 2012

Getting Better in December

Written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief
I've been critical of the Vikings offense and defense the past few weeks. Until today's game against the Houston Texans, the offense has had one and only one player and that guy is Adrian Peterson (AP). Today the offense and defense excelled and that was with an average AP day.

Christian Ponder did well today, especially in the first half. He made some good passes and led the Vikings on a number of good drives. Ponder did that with an average AP. An average AP was still good by NFL standards. He had 86 yards rushing on 25 carries. In previous weeks that wouldn't have been good enough for the Vikings offense.

As mentioned above, Ponder had a good game. Ponder was 16/30 for 174 yards and one touchdown. That is more than I expected. Ponder didn't make any critical mistakes except for a lost fumble. That didn't hurt the club too much. For once in many games, Ponder gets credit for being a major reason for the Vikings victory. That's more like the Ponder that Vikings fans were wishing for.

Today Ponder found a few targets in the passing game. Jarius Wright, Michael Jenkins and Kyle Rudolph all played a part in the success in the Vikings offense but it was Ponder who captained the ship today. His poise under pressure was a great sight to see. He made smart plays.

I think we're seeing that the Houston Texans defense isn't as good as everyone thinks. They tanked today as they have in other big games this season. If I was a fan of the Texans I would be concerned with this team heading into the playoffs.

The defense deserves a lot if not most of the credit for today's victory. The defense stopped the Texans biggest threat in Arian Foster. The Vikings only allowed 15 yards rushing by Foster. This is a guy who's averaged 88 yards per game this year. Foster left the second half with due to an irregular heartbeat.

The Vikings defense that had a great game. Not only did they stop Foster in the first half but they contained Matt Schaub. The Vikings defense was amazing today. They did the job and then some. They made Foster look like a Pop Warner player during the time he was on the field.

The Vikings defense has had trouble defending the run in a number of games this season but today against one of the best backs in the game (Foster) they played a great game. That was the key to victory for the defense.

All in all this was a great total team effort and it came in the second to last week in December. The Vikings can make this a December to remember with a Victory against the Packers at home next weekend.

The Vikings are getting better in December. They've played pretty well so far and they've had a tough schedule. I'm impressed with how the team is doing and hopefully the team has great success against the Packers next week.

Today's players of the game: The Vikings defense.

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  1. Good game today. Houston really believed that if you stopped AP, you won the game. They held AP to a normal backs success - under 100 years, stopped him cold several times. MN did the same thing to Houston. The first drive with successful pass routes and completions was the key to the offense, still I hardily agree - our defense gets the majority credit for this victory. Can't believe the Packers will score 48 points against MN if our defense plays anywhere near the effort today. Ponder looked good - today he avoided running around like a chicken with his head chopped off... actually stepped up in the pocket - held the ball a couple times stepped up for very small gains, then ran the ball successfully several other times. What ever happened, if Ponder remembers to trust his offensive line, and step up in the Pocket he is a good QB. A couple of his avoid sack throwaways, made me nervous - perhaps one or two could/should have been picked off. Ponder needs to realize that we can survive any sack where he stays in the pocket and steps up under pressure - the interceptions are killers. This years Vikings bring hope to MN, the future is looking good. Well done, a great team effort. Go all out next week - victory first, and do everything possible to get AP some open field gains.

  2. Hi jm, good to see you back. Once again your assessment of the game is right on.

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