Sunday, December 2, 2012

Enough is Enough! The Mark Sanchez Story

How would I categorize the career of Mark Sanchez? It has been terrible. It has been a disaster. It has been a joke. It has been an embarrassment. It has been a complete an utter failure. The 2012 season has been all that for Mark Sanchez. The season started where last year's left off. It started terribly and never recovered.

The past couple of games have been particularly troublesome for the interception king. While Sanchez didn't have a running into a running back incident, he did throw three interceptions before being yanked in favor of backup Greg McElroy. Rex Ryan had enough. He finally woke and saw what everyone else saw. They saw a mess with Sanchez. They saw failure. They saw an inept quarterback (QB).

It shouldn't have taken this long to replace Sanchez and if Rex Ryan has half a brain he will start McElroy next week. It took Ryan until the end of the third quarter to make the move. McElroy didn't disappoint Jets fans. He led the Jets to a touchdown and the Jets won the game 7-6.

I'm glad I didn't watch that game. Ryan almost blew it again by sticking with Sanchez for so long. I think that the Jets would have run away with the game had Ryan pulled Sanchez earlier. Sanchez didn't deserve to play three quarters. He didn't even deserve to play a quarter.

If the Jets are smart, they will cut ties with Sanchez at the end of the season. He is a terrible quarterback and Jets fans have had enough of his mediocre playing. I'm not a Jets fan (that's an understatement) and I had enough. He doesn't deserve to be a starter in the NFL.

Rex Ryan and Sanchez have been tied to the hip this season. That might end up costing Ryan his job if the Jets don't find a way of making the playoffs. It will be hard for them to do that with McElroy but it would be impossible with Sanchez.

Mark Sanchez wasn't just playing poorly. He was singlehandedly losing games for the Jets. It's almost impossible to win games when you throw three interceptions. The only reason the Arizona Cardinals lost this game is because they don't have a good offense. They don't have a QB.

If this isn't the last game that we've seen of Mark Sanchez there is something really wrong with Rex Ryan. I don't see how you can take another chance with Sanchez. The guy is a horrible QB.

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