Monday, December 17, 2012

Disaster for New York Jets in Nashville

It was a disaster for the New York Jets and Mark Sanchez in Nashville on Monday night in front of a national television audience watching this terrible Monday Night Football game. The Jets, who came in to the game with a chance at making the playoffs, had to have an error free game. They needed to beat the ghastly Tennessee Titans. They didn't do any of those things and lost the game 14-10

The fact that the Jets even had a chance to make the playoffs is a travesty  Their schedule in the last half of the season has been one back loaded with playing the NFL's worst teams. Let’s recap shall we? The Jets beat Arizona 7-6 and Jacksonville 17-10 in the past two weeks. They are among the worst teams in the NFL. They barely beat those teams and didn't score many points. I’m not sure why everyone was jumping on the Jets bandwagon and talking playoffs.

If anyone ever doubted if Sanchez sucks they will not doubt that after tonight’s game. Sanchez was 13 for 28 for 131 yards. Sanchez threw 4 interceptions and had a quarterback rating of 32.6. 32.6? That is rotten. Sanchez also had one beautiful fumble off a low snap to end the game. I don’t call Sanchez and the Jets SansSqueezEm for nothing. SansSqueezEm is my affectionate name for the Jets that means can’t squeeze the ball.

Tonight we saw two terrible teams with two quarterbacks that struggled mightily. At times sitting through this game was like having my teeth pulled. It was painful to watch.

Actually the ending was beautiful. After Mark Sanchez threw an interception with less than 1:35 on the clock, the Jets actually got the ball back with 47 seconds left in the game (After a muffed Tennessee punt). Then on the very first play from scrimmage and the Jets getting the ball on the 25 yard line of Tennessee, Sanchez fumbled a low snap. He just couldn't hold on to the ball and that was the season for the Jets.

I couldn't stop laughing. Tears were streaming down my face. Then I saw Rex Ryan. He was so mad. He then yelled (The cameras couldn't pick up the sound) a four word expletive. That made me laugh even more. I was losing my breath I was laughing so hard. This was a fitting end to this game and the elimination of the Jets from playoff contention.

Sanchez is on of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL. He is inept and incompetent. He was inaccurate tonight as he usually is. He couldn't make a throw and those 4 interceptions and one fumble took away and chance that they had of winning the game. He blew an opportunity to beat one of the worst teams in the NFL.

This result was fitting. This team didn't deserve to have a chance at making the playoffs. Their offense is atrocious.

If I didn't dislike the Jets and Rex Ryan so much, this would have been the worst game that I've watched this season and one of the worst Monday Night Football games ever. This was a bad game. The only thing that had me glued to the television set was my hopes that the Jets wouldn't make the playoffs.

The sequence of events that led to this loss was hilarious. I can’t remember seeing a worse offense than the Jets. They looked dazed and confused. They didn’t look like an offense that had planned well at all.
Sanchez shouldn't have had a chance to finish this game, especially on the 25 yard line with the game on the line. That’s Tebow’s specialty. Maybe he would have given the Jets a chance to win the game.

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