Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Defending Jim Harbaugh

It's not a common occurrence that I defend Jim Harbaugh who is the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. It's quite the opposite. I've been giving the guy a tough time for benching Alex Smith in favor of starting Colin Kaepernick. I think Harbaugh deserves criticism for that decision.

I don't think he deserves any criticism for not playing Brandon Jacobs for the majority of the season and for suspending him for the remainder of the regular season. Jacob's suspension is suspected to be for his irate Tweets and criticism of Harbaugh and the franchise.

A coach can't tolerate that behavior. A coach shouldn't tolerate that behavior. A coach needs to send a message to the team that insubordination and poor behavior will not be tolerated. I support Harbaugh in that decision.

Some people are criticizing Harbaugh for not giving more playing time to Jacobs. Those people whoever they are must have been living in outer space the last few months. Jacobs has been terrible and has made the worst of his opportunities. Jacobs had only 7 yards on 5 carries this season.

Some people will argue that he only had 5 carries. I will argue he only had 5 carries because he only gained 7 yards. Did you read that? He only had 7 yards total. That's 1.4 yards per carry.

Jacobs has been competing for playing time against Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter (backup to Gore). Gore has rushed for 1,035 yards on 211 carries. That's 4.9 yards per carry. Hunter has rushed for 371 yards on 72 carries which is good enough for 5.2 yards per carry.

Who in their right mind would think that Jacobs deserved more playing time? He should have made the best of his opportunities even if only got 5 of them. Jacobs stunk up the field and didn't provide Harbaugh with any reasons to give him more playing time.

Harbaugh is a please me now type of guy. He lives in the moment and for better or worse he will go with who he thinks has the "hot hand". That's his MO. Jacobs failed miserably and the coach pulled the plug on him. In this case the coach was correct to do that.

Jacobs didn't act like a professional by taking to Twitter and criticizing his team. He didn't earn brownie points for posting pictures of himself in a New York Giants uniform. Jacobs only has one person to be angry at. There is only one person that he should be sending irate tweets about. That person is Brandon Jacobs.

If Harbaugh ends up running Jacobs out of town it will be the best running that Jacobs has done it a long time.

Jacobs Suspended

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Stats courtesy of ESPN.com.

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