Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Coach D We're Scoring but They're Scoring More

I can imagine what's going through the players' minds on the Lakers bench every night. It mus go something like this. "Coach D'Antoni we are scoring tons of points but they are scoring more...our defense sucks". When D'Antoni was hired, we were told that the Lakers would be scoring tons of points. Some nights they have. The last two nights they have scored 103 and 105 (tonight) points and still lost.

On Sunday when the Lakers scored 103 points they allowed the Orlando Magic to score 113 points. Tonight they lost by a score of 107 to 105 at the hands of the Houston Rockets. The Magic have a record of 7-10 while the Rockets have a 9-8 record.

The Lakers are losing to mediocre teams. They should be winning these games. It seems as if they have taken a step backwards since Coach Brown was fired. D'Antoni promised that the Lakers would be a high scoring team and as mentioned above they are on some nights. The problem that I have is that it seems as if the Lakers need to score over 110 points each night just to have a chance.

That's not good enough. By hiring Mike D'Antoni, the Lakers front office gambled for more offense and no defense. I thought that it was a poor gamble to begin with but we are seeing evidence that this is a disaster. When the Lakers don't score more than 100 points they have lost three out of four games. They are 3-5 with D'Antoni behind the bench and in two of those games the Lakers have scored 103 and 105 points respectively.

Now the Lakers seem to be taking their frustration on Pau Gasol. They have reportedly threatened to trade him if he doesn't improve.  So now they're picking on Gasol. It's not his fault that they hired the wrong guy for the job. It's not his fault that D'Antoni's system sucks. It's not his fault that they trade for the disaster known as Dwight Howard.

I was against bringing this buffoon to the Lakers. I thought that Howard would be more of a headache than it was worth. Howard has been nowhere to be found. One of the reasons it was believed that the Lakers chose to hire D'Antoni and snub Phil Jackson is that they believed that Superman would flourish in his system. Superman is living up to my nickname for him and that name is Dudman.

The only player that seems to be doing well with D'Antoni's system is Kobe Bryant who had 39 points (37% of the team's total points) tonight. Kobe would flourish in any system. He's that good. The problem is that the team didn't hire Phil Jackson. I will continue to harp on that until D'Antoni 's Lakers start winning. Right now they are a big failure.

The problem with hiring D'Antoni is that the Lakers believed in his system and that it would work for Howard and Nash. Nash is injured and now they are pinning their hopes on his return and ability to do well under the system. Phil Jackson not only had a winning system but his real strength is the ability to win with superstars and players with huge egos. He was great at that.

The Lakers gambled their team's success on D'Antoni. I believe now like I believed then that this was a catastrophic decision for the Lakers. In this case I'm not happy that I'm being proven right. The Lakers are scoring lots of points some nights but coach D's system doesn't account for defense.

Team record stats courtesy of ESPN.com.
Magic and Rockets record courtesy of ESPN.com.

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