Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chucky to the Raiders?

Chucky to the Oakland Raiders? Rumor has it that this may be true. Chucky otherwise known as Jon Gruden is currently an analyst with ESPN. He is one of the two faces on Monday Night Football. He's affectionately known as the character horror movie character Chucky

The Oakland Raiders need a lot of help and improvement and it might not be so farfetched an idea. Gruden was successful when he coached the Raiders. He built them into a winner. They haven't been the same team since Gruden's Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated them in Super Bowl XXXVII. That was over nine years ago.

The only problem that I can see with Gruden's return to Oakland Nation is that the NFL is a different league. He hasn't coached in years. On the other hand Gruden has kept up with the game as an analyst on ESPN. He's been front and center on many games for the network and that should be a positive for any team that would consider Gruden.

Let's be honest. The Oakland Raiders are a pathetic team. It's worth taking the gamble on a proven winner like Gruden. They have nothing to lose but losses and they are already experiencing that now.

Gruden was the face of the Raiders. I've been an on again and off again fan of the team but during the Gruden years I was definitely a fan. Gruden's resemblance to the Chucky character is undeniable and it's hilarious. The guy is intense and he's a workaholic.

If Gruden were to return to Oakland I would be on again as a fan. I would love to see the black and silver return to their glory days. I would love to see the black and silver return to being a dormant defensive team and I would love to see the Raiders being able to put points on the board. I would love to see the Raiders be a competitive NFL franchise.

I believe that Jon "Chucky" Gruden would provide the Raiders with an opportunity to turn around their fortunes. I think he could rebuild them into winners. Do I think Gruden is seriously considering returning to the Raiders? Of course I do. I don't think his heart really left Oakland. At the very least I believe that Gruden has a desire to coach again. If the right opportunity were to arise I think he would take it.

I sure hope the rumors are true. I would love to see Gruden wearing the black and silver again. I would love to see the Raiders become a dominant team again. I would love to see the late Al Davis's motto of "just win baby" actually happen to the Raiders. Just win baby. Just win baby. That might be possible with a return to Oakland by Jon Gruden.

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