Monday, December 31, 2012

Chopped - The NFL Version

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief
The Monday after the final set of regular season games is often the time that teams fire their head coaches and GMs. In this article I will be focusing on the coaches that have already been chopped today. There weren't any surprises in the list that follows. Most of the coaches compiled terrible records on their way to losing seasons. Only one coach on the list had a winning record but his team failed to make the playoffs.

Seven of the 32 teams have fired their coaches today. I was hoping that the Jets would do the right thing and fire Rex "The Big Mouth" Ryan but their incompetent owner decided to keep him on the job for another season.

Lovie Smith (Chicago Bears) - While Smith's team finished with a win against the Detroit Lions and a 10-6 record they were eliminated from the playoffs when the Minnesota Vikings beat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

Smith's record with the Bears was 81-63 (56.3% winning record). Smith also guided the Bears to the Super Bowl in 2006. What did Lovie in was that his team started the season at 7-1 and then went 3-5 in the final eight games. The Bears also failed to make the playoffs in the past two seasons.

Andy Reid (Philadelphia Eagles) - This was expected after the team's disappointing seasons the past two years. While Andy Reid compiled a record of 130-93-1 (58.3% winning record) it was this year that sealed the deal for his firing. The nail was already in his Eagles coffin half way through the season.

Reid also took the Eagles to the 2005 Super Bowl. Reid compiled a 10-9 record in the playoffs under his tenure which lasted an amazing 14 years. Before Reid took the job as head coach of the Eagles, the team was garbage. He made this team into a winner.

This year's Eagles team was pathetic and couldn't get anything going despite their so called talent that the team compiled. Of the coaches on this chopped list, I believe Reid has the best chance of landing another head coaching gig soon.

Ken Whisenhunt (Arizona Cardinals) - This chopping was expected. The Cardinals were terrible this season. The team's offense was one of the worst I've ever seen. Whisenhunt compiled a record of 45-51 (46.9% winning record). That's not good enough.

I kind of feel sorry for Whisenhunt. Coaching the hapless Cardinals is a thankless job. This team is a perennial dud and loser. I think that Whisenhunt was the most successful coach in the team's history. He took the team to their only Super bowl appearance in 2008, falling just short to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The cardinals were playoff teams twice under Ken. He won four out of his six playoff appearances. That's an incredible statistic for the team. Too bad that his regular season win/loss record wasn't as good as his playoff record.

Norval Turner (San Diego Chargers) - His was a long time coming. I think that Norval was the most overrated coach in the NFL. He was an underachiever. He had talented players and couldn't capitalize on that. A number of times his teams were favorites to be the AFC Champions but that didn't happen.

Norval compiled a record of 56-35 (61.5%) which seems good but his teams only played in six playoff games losing three of them. It's clear that Norval wasn't getting the job done as far as winning big games.

Of all the coaches on this list I think Norval should be relegated to an assistant and not a head coach.

Romeo Crennel (Kansas City Chiefs) - Crennel was in his first full year as head coach of the Chiefs after taking over with three games left in the 2011 season. He went 2-1 last year but this year was nightmare as the Chiefs finished 2-14. The Chiefs were a dream to opponent for the teams that they faced. The Chiefs didn't only lose games; they were a laughing stock on the field.

This wasn't Romeo's first dance as a head coach. He coached the Cleveland Browns to three losing seasons in the four years that he was head coach of the team.

The question that may be asked is if Crennel should get another chance of being a head coach in the NFL. I'm not sure about that. The Cleveland Browns are the AFC's version of the Arizona Cardinals. They are perennial losers. Is it fair to count that stint in Cleveland against Romeo? I'm not sure.

Chan Gailey (Buffalo Bills) - It's hard to argue with this termination. Gailey didn't come close to having a winning season with the Bills. His team failed to make the playoffs in his three pathetic seasons with the team. Gailey won 16 out of the 48 games that he coached the Bills. In all fairness to the Bills, they could have chopped this guy last year and most people wouldn't have criticized that move.

Pat Shurmur (Cleveland Browns) - The Browns are cleaning house and Shurmur has been caught in the crossfire. Shurmur's record in his two seasons was terrible but the guy needed about 100 years to turn around this joke of an NFL team. The Browns are a joke. I can't imagine why any coach would want the position if head coach of the Browns.

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