Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Carolina Is Better Than The Falcons?

Carolina is better than the Atlanta Falcons? If you've been living under a rock this year you might feel that way. According to one NFL player that statement is true. That idiot is no other than Greg Hardy of the 3-9 Carolina Panthers. I think hardy has been living under a rock. That rock travels with the Carolina Panthers to every game.

Someone should sit this moron down and remind him that his team sucks. His team is awful. Let's mention it one more time. The Carolina Panthers are 3-9 and that's good for last place in the NFC South. So a last place team in the NFC South is better than the first place team in the NFC and a team tied for first place in the NFL?

Hardy should change his name to Hardly because that is what I think of his statement. What planet has Hardy been on. This guy isn't playing with a full deck. I know he might be talking trash because the Falcons face the Panthers this week but this ding a ling should focus on the game.

The Falcons beat the Panthers during their first meeting and while anything is possible, the likelihood of the Panthers winning this matchup isn't good. The Falcons have Matt Ryan. The Panthers have Cam Newton. The Falcons have good receivers. The Panthers have? Who' has the better team?

Note to Hardy: When you play on one of the worst teams in the NFL you shouldn't be bad mouthing and trash talking your opponent. That's idiotic. That is borderline insanity. Let's refresh everyone's memory. Last week Carolina waltzed into Arrowhead stadium all sure of themselves after beating the lousy Philadelphia Eagles and they lost the game.

Kansas City is tied with Jacksonville for last place in the AFC. They were the worst team entering the game (1-9). The Panthers didn't win that game and now Hardy is trash talking the Falcons and saying that his team is better?

This moron would be our Fool of the Day today but Rex Ryan already took that honor. I'm not evens sure why I'm wasting my time writing about Hardy and the Carolina Pussycats. They are a terrible team and not worthy of taking up the space on this page.

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