Monday, December 10, 2012

Brandon You're Not Playing Because You Suck

Brandon Jacobs was suspended by the San Francisco 49ers for the remaining three games of the season. While the 49ers didn't announce a reason it is believed it was due to his irate Tweets this past weekend. In those Tweets Jacobs bad mouthed his coach (Jim Harbaugh) and the team while placing pictures of his former team the New York Giants on his account.

For his terrible behavior Jacobs is today's Fool of the Day. It's obvious that insane behavior like that would get someone fired from their job. While he hasn't been released it's unlikely he will wear a 49ers uniform again. I’m guessing this behavior won’t be looked upon to well by other NFL teams.

Jacobs had a diminished role this season. He was competing for playing time against guys like Frank Gore. Guys that are actually productive. In his extremely limited role this season, Jacobs rushed for a total of 7 yards on 5 carries. That's not very good at all. It's atrocious.

Tonight I was listening to the pregame show on ESPN. Mike Torico interviewed Tom Brady. Brady made a great comment. He basically said that when you have an opportunity to play you might only have one chance to make an impression and get more playing time or a starting job. He said you have to make the best of your opportunities.

Brandon didn't make the most of his five carries did he? He was awful. What would you do if you were Harbaugh and you had other options, more productive options? Hmmm. Not give more playing time to a guy who is awful.

Note to Jacobs: You weren't getting playing time because you suck. You weren't producing. With the players the team has at running back, you needed to impress your coaches. You didn't do that.

This isn't the first time that Jacobs has been unhappy with playing time. The New York Giants reduced his playing time in favor of teammate Ahmad Bradshaw. Jacobs doesn't seem to make the best of his opportunities and he reacts like an infant when he doesn't like the situation. That just causes teams to turn their backs on him.

If I was an NFL team I wouldn't take a chance on this fool. He doesn't make the best of his opportunities and he badmouths his employer when he feels slighted. The guy is not acting like a professional. He's acting like a spoiled brat.

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