Monday, December 31, 2012

Big Mouth Survives Being Fired

Article written by - Editor in Chief
Big Mouth Rex Ryan has survived being fired by the New York Jets. In my opinion that's a disgrace. Rex Ryan proved his incompetency this season as he mishandled and mismanaged the quarterback position this season. For their failure to take the right action regarding Rex Ryan the New York Jets are the Fool of the Day for Monday December 31st, 2012. The Jets secure the final spot on the fools list for 2012.

I think the Jets are looking at Rex's first two years when they went to the AFC championship game but in the past two years his teams have been an embarrassment. This year was a complete disaster. For me, his handling of Mark Sanchez was hilarious and ridiculous.

Sanchez finished the 2012 season as the 31st ranked quarterback (QB) out of 32 QBs. That's atrocious. It was Rex Ryan's insistence of starting Sanchez over and over again that proved to me that he's ding dong and stubborn person.

Rex Ryan had the facts in front of him. The Jets couldn't win with Sanchez. He made too many mistakes. He turned the ball over too many times. If he wasn't throwing an interception he was fumbling the ball. Do you remember the butt fumble fiasco? That was hilarious.

Rex Ryan had Tim Tebow at his disposal but refused to use him. Rex treated Tebow like horse manure. Instead of giving Tebow a chance to prove himself, Ryan continued to have Tebow warm the bench. This occurred as Sanchez made embarrassing play after embarrassing play.

In the last two games, when the season was over, Ryan still didn't start Tim Tebow. Rex Ryan is a bum. He's a loser. What does that make the New York Jets? It makes them boneheads. The Jets are a laughing stock in the NFL and that's the fault of the bungling Jets ownership. They are void of common sense.

If I was a Jets fan I would be angry today. I would be angry that the Jets decided to keep a dolt as their coach. I would be upset that the Jets decided to compound their errors by retaining Rex Ryan. I would be upset that this useless loser of an organization continues to charge me, the fan an outrageous amount of money to see a Jets game.

If I were a Jets fan I would think that the Jets were fools. Don't worry Jets fans, I've granted your wish by naming the Jets the Fool of the Day.

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