Thursday, December 6, 2012

Are NHL Fans Falling For The Bait?

< It's happening again. The media is reporting that there's optimism with the recent talks between NHL players and owners. I'm wondering if NHL fans are falling for the bait again. I'm not. While the rest of you might be cautiously optimistic, I'm cautiously pessimistic. I don't believe a deal will get done soon and I think we are just days away from these talks collapsing.

There will be something that will cause both sides to walk off in a huff. I've been reading that there is one snag to the offers that both sides have presented. The owners want a long deal (10 years) while the players want a shorter deal.

Are the players completely nuts? Short deals have landed them in this mess too many times. Can either side afford for another work stoppage in five to six years? I don't thinks so. Apparently tensions are high. Why wouldn't they be? Any little thing could spark chaos and anger and derail the talks.

This is evidence to me that something negative is going to happen. We've heard since yesterday that things were going well and both sides were optimistic. That's happened before. Then today both sides exchanged new offers. That's when I said to myself...Oh No.

I know I'm sounding extremely pessimistic but have the players and owners, the NHL and NHLPA given us any reason to be hopeful. They've dangled the bait before. The predators (NHL and NHLPA) think the prey  (the fans) will fall for this nonsense again. They think we will take the bait.

Hockey fans are about to fall for this optimism hook, line and sinker. They're about to bite into the bait. They are about to be hooked. I'm not sure why NHL hockey fans continue to allow the NHL and NHLPA to play with their emotions?

Maybe it's because they want NHL hockey. Watching NFL football a few times a week is great but they want their hockey. As much as we try to convince ourselves that the NBA can fill our void we know that's not true. It's not NHL hockey. Many hockey fans know that other professional sports leagues can't fill their void.

So many fans fall for the bait and will continue to fall for the bait. The NHL has them hook, line and sinker and they know it. That's why they can continue to toy with their emotions. That's why they can continue to give them false hope. I'm not falling for it. Not this time!

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