Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Andruw Jones Arrested For Beating His Wife

Written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief
Former Atlanta Braves player Andruw Jones has been arrested on a domestic violence charge. For his arrest the piece of cr*p is Tuesday's Fool of the Day. While Jones is considered innocent until proven guilty I'm guessing that there was enough evidence to arrest the creep.

Sportmentary is sickened by thugs like Jones who feel they have to use innocent people as punching bags. These morons need to be thrown in jail for a long, long time. Andruw's disgusting and criminal behavior shouldn't be tolerated.

He should have to rot in prison. He should have to suffer. He is a piece of garbage. A good and decent human being wouldn't beat up their wife would they? A good and decent person would walk away if they became angered by a volatile situation. The sure wouldn't use them like they were a sparring partner.

I usually reserve the Fool of the day for someone who acted silly or did something stupid. Beating up a woman is stupid and foolish but it goes beyond that. Someone who beats up a woman is a degenerate scumbag. They are void of decency. They are disgusting people. They are monsters. They are criminals.

I hope that Andruw's victim receives justice. I hope that Andruw receives a prison sentence if he's found guilty. If Andruw committed this horrible crime he is a thug. He's a jerk. He's a terrible person.

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