Sunday, December 16, 2012

All Day and Every Day: AP is a a Rushing Machine Again

All day & every day Adrian "All Day" Peterson (AP) was at his very best once again today. The St. Louis Rams stopped the NFL's best running back early and often. The Rams were flexing their muscles. They thought that they had AP's number. They thought they were going to stop AP all day. Not a chance.

AP got it all turned around with an 80 yard touchdown run. Then he rammed the ball down the throats of the cocky Rams defense. It was a beautiful display of running. Our guy is great. Our guy is stupendous. Our guy is terrific. Our guy is awesome.

"All Day" rushed for 212 yards on 24 carries and one touchdown (TD). As usual AP was the offense again. He did have some help today from Christian Ponder who managed the game well. Ponder finally threw for more than 100 yards (131 to be exact) today. He also ran for a TD. Ponder didn't make any stupid mistakes. He didn't throw any interceptions.

It would be easy for me to criticized Ponder again. He didn't throw any TD's. He only passed for 131 yards. I think that was by design. He made some throws when the team needed a first down. The main thing today was that Ponder didn't sabotage the team's chances of winning the game.

It's a good thing they have Adrian Peterson on their team. They were able to ride the guy for all he's worth. AP is worth so much that you can't put a value on it. Had the Rams been able to contain AP for more than a quarter, they probably would have won the game. It would have forced Ponder into passing the ball and he hasn't proved he can do that very well and carry the team.

The Vikings defense played well for most of the game. They forced turnovers and even had a pick six by Everson Griffen. The Vikings had a 26 point lead heading into the fourth quarter and squandered 15 points to the Rams in the final frame. Bradford moved the ball at will and made every Vikings fan nervous.

The Vikings defense has to do better in the fourth quarter. They have to play well with the lead. They made some plays on the final two Rams drives at the end of the game. That's great but they allowed the Rams to move up and down the field.

I'm not going to rain on the D's parade. They did the job. The Vikings did the job and AP did what he does best. He carried this team on his back. AP is the heart and soul of this team. Without AP this team would not be 8-6. They probably would be 4-10.

Vikings fans should be happy. This team has outperformed my expectations of how they would do this year. I had them winning six games. The team is in position to earn a possible wild card berth if they can win out. The Vikings play the Houston Texans on the road next week and then finish off against their arch rivals, the Green Bay Packers at home. It won't be easy. The Vikings will be lucky to win one of those games.

Today's player of the game: Adrian Peterson (again).

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  1. This game looked good from the first offensive play. They called a pass - completed it, and in that drive Ponder actually stepped up into the pocket. He probably should have been sacked on the touchdown play - but again stepped up in the pocket and broke a tackle as the lane opened up. AP is obviously a back without equal, and with the defense stepping it up, perhaps Harvin healthy and one additional receiver to open the field, Ponder might learn to step up into the pocket and lead this team to victory. Great to see them still in the chase but realistically it is a very long shot this season. I do however, like AP's chance at 2000 plus yards and perhaps a new record.

  2. Good to see you back jmndodge. Once again you make some excellent points. I agree with you that AP does have a very good chance of getting to to 2000. It will be awesome if he breaks the NFL's single season rushing record of 2,105.

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