Thursday, December 13, 2012

5 Things Non-Golfers Don’t Get About the Game

Written by Phil Oscarson
At first glimpse the game of golf does seem a little strange. Grown people whacking a little white ball only to chase after it on foot or in motorized carts so they can smack it, pitch it, flop it, chip it and finally putt it until eventually, said ball drops into a little cup buried in the grass. Okay, come to think of it, that does sound totally stupid. But like a lot of sports that, at face value seem totally lame (Curling anyone?) until you shut up, tee up and give it a try, the draw and delight of the game of golf will forever remain a mystery. With that thought in mind here’s a look at 5 things that people who don’t golf just don’t get about the game.

Complete Conditioning for Golf (Complete Conditioning for Sports Series)Golf is a great way to exercise: Okay, golfing won’t get you in shape for a marathon but a round of golf is a great way to get some sustained light exercise, which is good for the cardiovascular system and for maintaining good muscle tone. Plus, unlike more rigorous sports, golf is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of just about any age. In addition to the benefits of movement, all that fresh air and sunshine can boost your mood and energy levels throughout the day.

2. Golf reduces stress: Non golfers may crack wise about the pros they’ve seen on TV, snapping their clubs in fits of rage, but those who play the game know the stress reducing benefits of golf. A lot of type “A” professionals such as doctors and corporate businessmen and women enjoy playing golf because it forces them to slow down and relax for a few hours. Golf also causes you to live in the moment, focusing on how to best hit that little white ball instead of worrying about what’s going on back at the office or other stressful aspects of life. Golf also surrounds you in green, a color that psychologists have shown to have a restful, soothing and tranquil affect on the mind.

3. Golf gives you excuses to travel: Many people would like to get out and travel more, but they have a hard time picking places they’d like to go. For golfers, the lure of trying a new course is all they need to pack their bags. But the real payoff is that golf courses are typically found in areas that in of themselves are great get-away destinations---think Hawaii, Florida and California. After that relaxing round of golf there is ample time to enjoy all that the surrounding area has to offer.

4. Golf creates relationships: The golf course is a great place to initiate and cultivate personal, social and business relationships. Whether it’s the new couple you and your wife just met on the twelfth tee, the client you’re trying to win over, or the friend or family member you just want to spend more quality time with, golf literally provides the common ground that helps create and promote lasting relationships.

5. Golfing is just plain fun: One of the great things about golf is that it’s fun to play, regardless of how good you are at it. The key is not to take it too seriously, and to realize that it is after all a game. Even seasoned professionals have off days. But the thing that non-golfers just don’t get is that when you’re out there on the course, in good company, soaking up the sunshine and surrounded by natural beauty, there are no bad days.

About the Author: Phil Oscarson is an avid golfer. After deciding not to pursue the professional golfing route, he decided to become a self-proclaimed golf-connoisseur. You can contact his twitter for more questions/comments about golf opportunities. There are plenty of opportunities to find golf tee times near you.

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