Saturday, November 17, 2012

Worst NHL Fans

I'm bored today. So I decided to do a list. North Americans love sports lists. I decided to do a list of the worst NHL fans in the NHL. This list is mostly based on attendance and it relates to the 2011/12 season. Except for one team, the list is comprised of teams in warm non-traditional NHL markets.

#5) Anaheim "Not So Mighty" Ducks. This was a little bit of a surprise but when looking at their record 34-36-12 it makes a little more sense or does it? No it doesn't. The Ducks had winning season the previous 3 seasons and have made the playoffs the past 2 out 4 seasons. If fans cared about hockey they would have filled the seats. Can you imagine how empty the building will be when the NHL returns to play?

#4) Columbus "In the Red" Blue Jackets. The only surprise to me is that this team's attendance wasn't worse.   The team's fan base or lack thereof is pathetic. The fan base is definitely not energized but that could have a lot with the poor product on the ice. The team had a 29-46-7 record in 2011/12 and has had a losing record the past 3 years. The Columbus experiment doesn't seem like it's worked out too well. This is a no brainer but I don't think that Columbus is the mecca of hockey.

#3) Dallas "I'm Seeing" Stars. The stars have had a winning record the past 3 years but have failed to qualify for the playoffs. Fans in the Dallas area might not be so forgiving that the team has not made postseason play and might be taking it out on the team. The other problem for the Stars is that they have to compete with the Dallas Mavericks who won the NBA Championship two years ago.

#2 New York Islanders. This isn't a surprise. The team is a joke and is poorly run. The team's owner would rather re-air a hickey brawl than put a quality product on the ice. Not to worry, the team is moving to Brooklyn. We're going to Brooklyn, We're going to Brooklyn.  That won't change anything. The team will still suck. The Islanders haven't had a winning record in 4 years.

#1 Phoenix "We Haven't Moved...Yet" Coyotes. When I think of the Coyotes, I think of failure. I think of a team that should have never moved there in the first place. The fans are of the bandwagon type. The Coyotes had the worst home attendance in the NHL. That's because they only started competing for a playoff spot in the last few months. Once the team got on a roll, the fans showed up. I'm amazed that they took time out of their baseball basketball watching to attend a hockey game. The team should be moved to a place that appreciates hockey.

So that's the list. Let us know what you think by using our comment box at the end of this article.

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