Friday, November 30, 2012

Wildpoeper Dumped by Dutch Soccer Team

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Wildpoeper is the name that the Dutch give to people who defecate outside (in public). A Dutch soccer player Jeffrey de Visscher was caught in a drunken moment by police pooping in the woods outside of his car. Police charged the soccer player and his team dumped him.

Now I've heard of everything. You would think the guy could have found a public bathroom. For this disgusting act Visscher is today's fool of the day. If this story wasn't so nasty it would be hilarious. Can you imagine those poor policemen who came upon on the scene of the crime? This brings the meaning of one's job stinking to a whole new level.

Can you imagine the officers going home and telling their loved ones about the great crime that they solved? Honey, we just happened to come to the scene of this wildpoeper. Our job really stinks. LOL.

I can't believe that they even came up with a name for the crime. I'm guessing if we had to come up with a name in the US it would be wildpooper. Somehow, I like the name the Dutch have given a little better but it's still gross.

The next time that Jeffrey de Visscher has to take a poop I sure hope it's in a toilet and not outside where innocent people could see or smell the crime occurring.

You know it's a relatively slow day at Sportmentary Online Sports Talk when we are talking about a wildpoeper.

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