Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why it Won't be the 49ers

Before the season started I made my picks for the divisional and conference champions. I also made my pick for the eventual Super Bowl winner. I picked the 49ers to win the NFC West and to represent the NFC in the title game.

My decision to pick the San Francisco 49ers as the NFC Champion had to do with the great year they had last year and my belief that they would build on that success this year. The 49ers have had a good year but a loss to the Vikings and a tie against the Rams has me reevaluating my decision.

Every team loses, so I won't focus on a few setbacks. The reason I don't believe in this team anymore has to do with more than wins and losses. Super Bowl champions have everything fall in to place at the right time. Yes, they have the wins and losses but they have the intangibles as well.

Coaching is a big part of it but so is the ability to remain calm and even tempered, just like Bill Belichick does. When the head coach starts creating a circus type atmosphere and trying to over think things, chaos ensues. Jim Harbaugh has become a circus ringleader.

This past week Bozo the Clown hinted that he would start Colin Kaepernick against the New Orleans Saints this Sunday. He was impressed with how well Kaeprnick dissected the Bears defense. Kaepernick started in place of an injured Alex Smith.

Those of us who watched the game thought that Kaepernick was great in his first start. We also had enough common sense to realize that the NFL didn't know much about the 2nd year player who has only started one NFL game. We understand that now they do. Teams will do their homework and research. They will prepare for him.

Jim Harbaugh reacted with emotion and a lack of common sense when hinting that Colin K could start. He wasn't thinking rationally. He's created a circus. He's created a media circus. Super Bowl contending teams don't do that to themselves. They don't self-combust.

Drew Brees has been shredding defenses all year. Colin will have to keep up with him. The Saints score in bunches and if Colin can't keep up the 49ers will have another loss. Sure the Saints defense is putrid this year. It's almost last in every category but I think this is setting us all up to believe that Colin K can shred them. I don't think that will happen.

Is Harbaugh just tricking everyone, including the Saints to believe that Kapernick will be the starter?. Is this a ruse? Who knows. Maybe Smith isn't ready to go and he doesn't want to let that be known. Maybe it is a ruse. If it is and it works he will be a genius. If it backfires, he will be an idiot. Why take that gamble?

When all is said and done and if the 49ers win or lose, the team will not be the Super Bowl champions this season. I think there is too much of a circus type atmosphere building up there. That's my opinion and I'm sure many of you will disagree. Go 49ers!


  1. Third to last paragraph should read "Sure the Saints defense..." not, "49ers."

  2. Thanks Ken, Appreciate it. It's been corrected.

  3. Kaepernick is not a rookie. He's a second year player.

  4. Kary28 thanks for your comment. My bad. He is is in his second year and I meant to say as far as statrts he's like a rookie. The change will be made.

  5. How do you feel now about your article? When I read it I didn't understand why you made the Saints appear as unbeatable with Kaepernick starting instead of A.Smith....or why you jumped off the 49er bandwagon. Coming into the game, no matter who was starting at QB for SF, I already knew the Saints were only 5-5, with the mathematical odds in favor of a SF win.....

    1. SFNative thanks for your comment. The article is intended to be why the 49ers will not win the Super Bowl not that particular game.

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