Thursday, November 29, 2012

Which is the Dumbest Professional Sports League?

Today's question comes after learning that the NHL and NHLPA failed to make progress with federal mediators. No new meetings are scheduled with the mediators and both sides don't plan on using mediation going forward. So here's the question; which is the dumbest professional sports league in North America?

I'm not going to even list other leagues. There isn't any league that comes close to the NHL when using the word dumb. The NHL wins hands down. Congratulations to the NHL and NHLPA for becoming the Rome of sports. Actually, they were never Rome. They've never been on top.

Below are the reasons why I think that the NHL is the dumbest league

1. Threw away any chance of capitalizing on a record year
Only dummies would throw away a chance of capitalizing on a record season. The 2011/12 season was the most successful in NHL history. So what was the NHL's solution to building on that year? Lockout! Lockout! Lockout! What more can be said on this subject.

2. Would rather have an extended vacation than make money
It seems like both the NHL and NHLPA would rather take an extended vacation than earn some money. With the inevitability of the 2012/13 season being cancelled the NHL will lose billions of dollars. They would rather break the backs of the players.

The players will lose hundreds of millions of dollars. These stubborn mules would rather give up their earnings than negotiate in good faith. They also want to win at all costs. I believe that if the season is cancelled, the players will end up losing the battle as far as earnings are concerned even if they win the negotiations war. That's dumb.

3. Failed mediation
Federal mediators had reached out to the NHL and NHLPA to help them figure out a solution to this mess. In just two sessions and no progress both sides say that the mediation route is over. This is further proof that these guys aren't serious about getting a deal done. As mentioned above they like their vacations too much.

4. Ranked fourth out four major professional sports leagues
This isn't really a reason but a fact. The NHL is the lowest ranked major sports league in North America. The NHL can't afford to lose their fan base. Their fan base is much less than the other leagues and less loyal (except for Canada). I think it's silly and foolish for the NHL to have gone down this road.

The NHL has proven to me that is the dumbest sports league on this continent and is made up of dummies. As a fan of the NHL I have lost all faith in the people that run the league and play in the league.

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