Thursday, November 29, 2012

Was that Mark Sanchez Playing for the Saints Tonight?

I just finished watching the Saints disaster in New Orleans tonight. Was that Mark Sanchez playing quarterback for the Saints? It sure looked like him. Whoever was playing quarterback for New Orleans, they sucked. They played like Mark Sanchez.

That's enough of the Mark Sanchez jokes for now. In all seriousness, Drew Brees was terrible and the reason for he the Saints loss to the Atlanta Falcons. Drew Brees threw not one, not two, not three, not four but five, count them five interceptions.

That is putrid. On top of that, it was the first time in 55 games that Drew Brees didn't thrown a touchdown. This has to be the worst game that Brees has played in years. I don't think he's ever had a game where he threw five interceptions.

Brees made a number of critical errors in the game besides the interceptions. He threw bad footballs that were either tipped or could have been intercepted that ended drives. He was terrible in the red zone. One of the worst blunders came at the end of the first half. With the Saints marching, Brees threw a short pass a few yards short of the goal line as time was running out. Time ran out on him as he tried to run another play.

That was a rookie type of error for Brees. It's uncharacteristic for Brees. Drew should have thrown the ball away and not into the field of play. That really hut the Saints as did their inability to score more touchdowns in the redzone.

It looked like Mark Sanchez channeled himself to enter the body of Drew Brees. Who could blame him? He wanted to know how it felt being in a good quarterback's body. The problem for Mark is that he totally took over Drew's body. That didn't allow Drew to play like he usually does.

Poor Mark. He might have channeled his body to enter Drew's body but he still doesn't know it feels to be a good quarterback. He doesn't know how it feels to be a winner.

Now I'm really done with the Sanchez insults, until a future article.

This is an anomaly for Brees and he'll rebound from this. Brees will have great games going forward. The problem is that this game couldn't have come at the worst time. This likely eliminates the Saints from playoff contention.


  1. Just keep Mark Sanchez away from Tom Brady, ok?

  2. Thanks for your comment Les. We'll have to hope he stays away from Brady. LOL.

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