Saturday, November 10, 2012

UFO Lurking

Today's Fool of the Day is Brooklyn Nets guard Deron Williams who claims that he saw a UFO during Super Storm Sandy. OK, so the storm is barreling down and you could hardly see a thing. So you venture out to see a green light that you think is a UFO.

That green light could have been a reaction to being hit by a dose of nonsense. I don't mean to make fun of people who think they saw a UFO but in this case, that might be a stretch. Now, I have no evidence and this is just a question and not an accusation. Did Deron have some whacky tabacky that night? Did he consume some alcoholic beverages?

I have never consumed any illegal drug in my life but I would assume that some substances can cause someone to see a green light during one of the worst storms in the region's history. I also know that advanced life forms might be able to navigate a storm of this magnitude when the world's strongest air force took a break until the storm eased up.

Come on. This guy can't be serious? Can he? I think the NBA has enough evidence to do a drug test on this guy. As I said, maybe there is chance that the only guy in the region of millions of people saw that UFO that night.

Maybe, just maybe, one of the reporters covering the storm saw that green light/UFO. Maybe, just maybe one of the many rescue and emergency workers saw that green light/UFO. Maybe just maybe, Deron was the only person on earth that night to see the green light/UFO that night, because there wasn't one!

You be the judge. I sure have.

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