Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Day NFL Wishes

Turkey Day is just one day away. I love Turkey Day. I love it for more than the turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and the family get together. I also love it for football. With an extra day of football games added to the regular Thursday night game, it is great for the NFL junkie like me. Yes sir! The games that are on this year's ballot, features Washington at Dallas, Houston at Detroit and New England at the New York Jets. While The Comish and I did our Turkey Day picks on our podcast last night, I have wishes for all those outcomes.

Houston Texans at Detroit Lions
My wish is for Houston to win. I don't like the Kitties. The Lions are in the same division (NFC North) as my Minnesota Vikings. It would put a big smile on my face to see the Lions lose the game and remain in last place in the division. The Lions are overrated and it's showing this year. With a loss, they will have a remote chance of making the playoffs.

Houston is a great story this year at 9-1. They have Arian Foster who is on my fantasy team. After a brutal day last weekend, Arian needs to get me some points. This is another reason I will be cheering for Houston and why I want them to throttle the Lions. I want Arian to run all over Detroit.

I want their fans to remember how if feels to suck. That should actually be fresh in their memories. I want the Texans to lasso the Lions. I want the whimper restored.
Update: Wish #1 granted. Oh Yeah. Jim Schwartz in the running for the Turkey Day award.

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins
I wish for a Dallas loss. I've never been a fan of the Cowboys. I dislike their owner and GM who are one and the same. I want the GM to fail big time.

I also think that Tony "Oh No" Romo isn't that good. Sure he'll have a great game here and there but then he will follow that up with a few duds. The Cowboys are coming off two wins in a row and are due for a dud. Let's hope it's on Thursday. I want the Cowboys and their lasso's to be all knotted up. I want the Cowboys to fail.

It would be great if the Redskins beat the Cowboys on Turkey Day. I want RG3 to show the Cowboys how football is played. I want the Redskins to put frowns on the faces of every Cowboys supporter in the stadium. Turn that smile upside down. Turn that smile upside down!

Update: Wish #2 granted.

New England Patriots at New York Jets
My wish for this game is a Jets loss. Of all the wishes that I'm hoping for, this is the one I want to be granted the most. I dislike the Jets. That's an understatement. Only one other NFL team comes close to the dislike I have for the Jets. They are the Packers. I usually wish for the Jets to lose as much as I hope for other teams to win. That's how much I dislike them.

The Jets are easy to dislike. They have Rex "Crusty the Clown" Ryan as their head coach. The guy makes me ill. He's a buffoon. I want him to fail. With a loss to the Patriots you can almost count the Jets out of the playoffs and also count on Rex being shown the door at the end of the season.

The players on the Jets are also annoying. They spend more time trash talking their opponents, trash talking their own players, criticizing their own players and giving disruptive press conferences than practicing and playing the game of football.

The Patriots have to win on Turkey Day. Don't they?

I hope all my wishes come true. With a full stomach and the wins I wish for, I will go to bed a happy man. If I only have one wish, it's that the Jets lose. Go Patriots. Go Patriots.

Update: Wish #3 granted. Rex Ryan is a nominee for the Turkey Day award.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

3 for 3 isn't bad. Check out the Turkey Day award.

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