Friday, November 16, 2012

Too Much Sugar and Not Enough Kane?

Today's fool of the day is Winnipeg Jet's captain Evan Kane. Evander who signed a 31.5 million dollar contract prior to the lockout has been released by Dynamo Minsk of the KHL. The team announced that he showed up to camp out of shape. In addition to that, Kane was suspended for a game and was unable to score.

Kane is a joke and an embarrassment to the Winnipeg Jets and to the NHL. It's not a good sign of this guy's work ethic if he really was out of shape. Did Kane consume too much sugar and didn't provide his Dynamo Minsk enough of Evander Kane, the hockey player.

I'm not sure what possessed Kane to be such an underachiever and slacker. If he can't make it in a second rate league like the KHL, how will he do for the Jets? It's a concern that many Jets fans must be feeling. I have that concern.

Now Mr. Kane is not only locked out in the NHL but he has been thrown off his club. I wonder what this guy is going to be doing now. What skills other than hockey does he have? I'm not sure but he better hope the NHL starts back soon.

He could consume Twinkies to get some more sugar. Actually he might not be able to. It looks like Twinkies are on their way out as Hostess Brands, the maker of Twinkies is going out of business. I'm sure that Kane will find other sources of sugar to consume and to help him get more out of shape.

If this story wasn't so funny, it would be pathetic and disgusting. Here's a guy who was locked out and instead of working to get in shape, he was lazy. That shows me that his work ethic is poor. Hey Evander, join a fitness club and get into shape.

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