Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Secret to the Wolves Success?

So I decided to try something different. I've mentioned this in other posts but I'm superstitious. Things haven't worked out so well for our Timberwolves in the past five games. They've lost five games in a row and have gone from second place to last place in the Northwest division. I decided not to watch the game, so I wouldn't jinx my team.

I decided to watch ESPN's gamecast and the box score. I know this in unorthodox but it seemed to work for most of the game. That's until all hell broke loose. I thought I was onto something. I thought I would be writing to tell you the real secret to the Timberwolves success. I thought I would be able to take the question mark out of the article's title.

Kevin Love Autographed Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball 8x10 PhotoInstead, I'm here to say that it didn't work. I have to face another Timberwolves loss. I thought the answer to getting this losing streak turned around would be Kevin Love's return but the Wolves have lost three straight games since his return.

I thought that once Love got this thing turned around, the team would steam roll their competition once Rubio returned. That might sill happen but this losing streak is extremely disappointing. I'm not going to say we're in trouble just yet. This team has a lot of potential and has played hard. They need to find their groove with Love.

I can yell and scream and kick my feet but I think I'll go and curl up on the bed and cry. What looked so promising just five games ago has turned into a complete and utter mess.

The Timberwolves lost 96-85 and are left scratching their heads. The only thing to take away from this game is that the Wolves have played two straight games on the road. Golden State is now in second place in the Pacific division with a record of 8-6.

Timberwolves game notes (Courtesy of ESPN):
Nikola Pekovic - 17 points
Kevin Love - 15 points
Andrei Kirilenko - 11 points

Timberwolves player of the game: No one until they win a game. Please win a game!

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