Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Terrible Teams and Terrible Players Need a Scapegoat

Terrible teams and terrible players need a scapegoat or someone to beat up on. That's what the New York Jets and their useless players have done. According to reports, New York Jets players have ripped on Tim Tebow. They think he's terrible and don't think he has a much of a chance at the starting quarterback position.

Apparently the players who spoke out against Tim Tebow are unnamed. That shows how classless the Jets are as an organization. The Jets are 3-6 and have the worst starting quarterback in the game. On the sidelines, they have a proven winner. That proven winner is Tim Tebow.

Am I saying that Tim Tebow is a good quarterback? No but he knows how to win, especially when it comes to the 4th quarter. He proved that in Denver last year. Mark Sanchez is a proven dud. He's a proven loser. The guy is going from bad to worse in a hurry.

The clowns that play for the Jets are terrible. Their record speaks for itself. Instead of beating up on a guy who isn't even starting, they should look in the mirror. What they would see is a spineless person staring right back at them.

This type of circus like atmosphere is all too common with the Jets. It happened last year. Players criticizing each other and acting like clowns. That's what happens to a losing team. That's what happens to a team of losers. That's what the Jets are. They are a pathetic organization, made up of pathetic players.

The Jets can say all they want about Sanchez being the man. We all know he's a man but most of us also know he's a useless quarterback. You can't do any worse than Mark Sanchez.

I think the blame for this nonsense has to fall squarely on the shoulders of Rex Ryan, the team's ringleader and big mouth. Rex leads by example. The guy shoots off his mouth all the time and trash talks opponents. I think Rex has taught his team well. They are a team of loudmouths. Unfortunately for team ownership that talk hasn't translated to wins on the field.

When we look at the Jets, we see a pathetic and terrible team that needs a scapegoat. That scapegoat is Tim Tebow who seems to be an easy target. The not so funny thing is that Tebow has nothing to do with the situation the Jets are in. The same players criticizing him are the ones responsible for the horrible product being displayed on the field.


  1. You hit the nail on the head. If anyone has a reason to be upset, humiliated, and down right pissed it would be Tim Tebow. However, unlike the display of his classless cowardly, less than talented teammates, in typical Tebow fashion Tim stays polite, positive, and supportive of his team and his coach's decision to a fault. Bravo Tim Tebow. Those of us who believe in you know all too well that you deserve better than this. Let's hope you are released from this den of mediocrity that is The New York Jets sooner rather than later. They don't deserve you.

  2. CuriousJock AZ thanks for commenting. I agree with your comments.

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