Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sweet Silence

Updated 7:52 PM 11/08/2012. See update at the end of article.

Oh, the sweet silence of the ongoing lockout. It's pleasing and easy on our ears and brains. The NHL and NHLPA are finally having continuous NHL collective bargaining sessions but they are in an undisclosed location and both sides are remaining silent.

In talks past, both sides would transmit their sound bites, trying to make their side's case. Both sides failed miserably. The reason why I think this was the case is that most NHL fans could see through those veiled attempts. Fans just wanted these clowns to negotiate in good faith and get a deal done.

While Sportmentary is finally cautiously optimistic, I'm annoyed that these mules couldn't figure out a way to get to the table and negotiate seriously in the past couple of months. I think that's shameful. I think both sides have finally felt the anger of the fans and know that they need to sit down at the table for more than a couple of hours a week.

I'm happy that the NHL & NHLPA aren't talking about what is going on in those meetings. It has to be a good sign that they are having marathon sessions. It's encouraging that both sides are meeting for the 3rd time in 4 days and the 2nd straight day.

I'm hoping that both sides will emerge this week with a deal in hand. Sure the deal would have to be ratified by the players but it would be a formality and the league could then get the season back on track. If the season started in the next couple of weeks, the NHL could minimize the amount of games that would have to be cancelled.

We have had our hopes set high before, only to be deflated that the sides couldn't agree on major issues. We could go down that road again. So, I'm being cautious. I think if the negotiations between NHL & NHL were to fall apart, the season would be cancelled.

I also think that the backlash from the fans would be damaging. I think the roller coaster that the fans have been put on and through have taken its toll. The NHL and NHLPA have to be aware of this. I sure hope that they are putting their best efforts forward. I sure hope that common sense prevails.

While I love the silence coming out of the NHL & NHLPA's mouths is beautiful, I'm hoping that it's a sign that a deal is near. We'll have to follow the situation and see what materializes.

Update for 07/28/2012 at 7:52 PM: After meeting on Thursday, both sides will meet on Friday and possibly through the weekend. Both sides are remaining tight lipped. That's a good sign that they are finally making some breakthroughs. In the past both the NHLPA and NHL would end meetings abruptly and then have a press conference where they would angrily criticize the other side. Let's hope that things are progressing, even if it's progressing slowly.

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