Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stiff Competition in the NFL

We've heard of players taking performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). This has been going on for a long time. Like any professional sports league, the NFL isn't immune to players trying to gain an edge by using PEDs. Most of us have heard of the traditional methods of players cheating by using drugs. Recently we heard that the use of amphetamines such as Adderall has become popular. The drug apparently provides players with added energy.

Sports Illustrated reports that Chicago Bears player Brandon Marshall claims that Viagara is also being used to gain an edge. I know that players in the NFL face stiff competition from their opponents. I also know that players face stiff competition to make their clubs, keep their spots on the roster and to perform on the field.

Viagara seems like a ridiculous drug of choice. We've heard the commercials that people who take Viagara can have erections lasting hours. Is that what we really need on the field? Do we need to have professional football players running around with woodies on the field? I sure wouldn't want to play against a player like that or want to be in the scrum with a player like that. Would you?

I also wouldn't want to have one of my teammates taking Viagara. Can you imagine the huddle? Can you imagine the poor center who has to snap the ball to a QB taking Viagara? That's disgusting.

All kidding aside, professional players who take PEDs are void of morality and fair play. Some of these drugs are disgusting when taken against there intended use. Do we need to see warning labels on bottles now? Do these warning labels have to warn athletes not to take the drug without the recommendation of a doctor or warn against taking the drug against its intended use?

What has professional sports become? Winning at any costs has taken on a whole new meaning. Some players will stoop to any level to gain an edge against their stiff competition. I just hope that they don't become too stiff. I think it will be easy for the NFL to test for the use of these drugs. They just need to walk into a locker room after the game.

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