Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Do We Think of Your Favorite NFL Team?

Sportmentary decided to do a recap of this week's games. Instead of writing a diatribe of every game or team, we decided to do something different and write one word or phrase to describe each team.

New York Giants (NYG) at Cincinnati Bengals
NYG - Brutal. Eli had 0 fantasy points.
Bengals - Unexpected.

Tennessee at Miami
Tennessee - It's about time.
Miami - The real Dolphins just showed up.

Detroit at Minnesota
Detroit - Meow
Minnesota - All day Adrian Peterson.

Buffalo at New England
Buffalo - Just win a game!
New England - Gisele B√ľndchen is happy. Tom is the man.

Atlanta at New Orleans
Atlanta - Get over the goal line. Get over the goal line!
New Orleans - You mean we have a defense?

San Diego at Tampa Bay
San Diego - Ha ha ha ha ha.
Tampa Bay - Note to doubters. We just keep winning.

Denver at Carolina
Denver - Do you think it was worth taking a shot on Peyton?
Carolina - Here kitty kitty.

Oakland at Baltimore
Oakland - You call us a football team?
Baltimore - Flacco can play quarterback after all.

New York Jets at Seattle
New York Jets - Hey Rex. Do you think Sanchez should get another start?
Seattle - Check out our defense. Thanks for allowing us to play the Jets.

Dallas at Philadelphia
Dallas - Phew! Thankfully we had a chance to play Philly.
Philadelphia - Obnoxious.

St. Louis at San Francisco.
St. Louis - The play clock is running out! The play clock is running out!
San Francisco - A tie is like a loss, isn't it?

Houston at Chicago
Houston - Our defense is better than your defense.
Chicago - We only gave up 13 points. Where's our offense?

Indianapolis and Jacksonville
Indianapolis - We have Luck. We have Luck!
Jacksonville - Can we just end the season now. We're waving the white flag.

Kansas City at Pittsburgh
Kansas City - We played a good game until Matt threw the ball to an open receiver. No, no, no. It was a Pittsburgh defensive player. Doh!
Pittsburgh - Your team won. Where did all the fans go. Your team won.

Visit us next week for another installment of's version of the  NFL recap.

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