Friday, November 23, 2012


You are probably looking at this title and wondering what the heck is SansSqueezEm. This is the affectionate nickname that I gave to the Jets midway through this season. Affectionate? OK, not really affectionate. It's a nickname to mock them. I don't like the Jets. I couldn't think of a better time to share my nickname with you than after the hellacious loss yesterday to the Patriots.

So what does SansSqueezEm mean? You have to break each part of the word apart:
Sans - Means without.
Squeez - Means Squeeze.
Em - Means the football(s)

The Jets have been unable to squeeze the football this season. They are a fumbling, bumbling machine. The Jets are ranked 30th out of 32 NFL teams for the amount of fumbles they have per game (2.0 per game). The Jets rank of 30 means that 29 teams have done a better job protecting the ball.

On Thursday, the Jets lost 4 fumbles. That's atrocious and unacceptable. To be honest it put a huge smile on my face. It was the third Turkey Day wish that was granted to me. Yes, I had wished for a Patriots victory.

While I've always disliked Gang Green, my dislike has been taken to a new level because of Rex Ryan and his group of misfits. I don't like a team that trash talks their opponents and themselves. I don't like a team that makes fools of themselves every week by talking to the media and making outlandish and gutless comments.

Again, who am I kidding? When the Jets lose, I love the media circus that surrounds them. I love the nasty headlines and I love all the turmoil that occurs in the locker room and media conferences. It's music to my ears.

Here are a few amusing headlines appearing online in New York newspapers today (articles are linked so you can read them):
Myers: Ryan's Gang is all but cooked
Jets play like TURKEYS in 49-19 loss to Pats
Jets’ fireworks in blowout ‘L’ a dud

SansSqueezEm is an appropriate nickname for this edition of the New York Jets. Every time the Jets fumble (and even throw an interception) I yell "SansSqueezEm, SansSqueezEm". I love yelling that during a Jets game.

The best moment of Thursday's game was when SansSquueZem extraordinaire, Mark Sanchez ran into his own player after missing a handoff to his runningback and fumbled the ball. It was typical Sanchez. It was typical SansSqueezEm.

If you're like me, you are eagerly awaiting more moments of SansSqueezEm in action. It makes your Sundays more enjoyable and bearable. The more embarrassing the Jets are, the bigger smile that is on my face.

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