Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rivers Flowing in the Wrong Direction

Philip Rivers is flowing in the wrong direction. The quarterback (QB) has had a tough run the past few weeks and today wasn't any different. Rivers is playing like a player who has the weight of his team on his shoulders. The pressure has got to him and you can see it. His playing has been abominable. On Sunday he threw an interception (INT) not once but twice and he also lost a fumble. That lost fumble should have never happened. He should have protected the ball.

While Rivers led his team to a TDs late in the 3rd and 4th quarters, he threw another INT on 4th down and 14 to go. Yes, he did face pressure but he's thrown too many INTS in the 4th quarter this year. Rivers is facing pressure but he's freaking out and making poor decisions.

Last week Rivers threw a terrible interception in the 4th quarter of the Tampa Bay game. For some unknown reason, when Rivers rolled out, he threw the ball right into the hands of a startled Leonard Johnson who took the interception all the way for a TD. Rivers should have thrown the ball away.

That INT was another example of how Rivers is panicking in the 2nd half of games. Rivers can go out and have a great 1st half and then have an atrocious 2nd half. This is just not the way to handle the pressure. He has to be more composed than that.

It's up to the QB to lead and not show that he's feeling pressure. It's up to him to move his team upstream and not be a liability. It's up to Rivers to be the team leader. That means his play has to be much better.

The Chargers woes are not all Rivers fault. San Diego's special teams has been a liability. They've had a punt blocked in consecutive weeks. You can't have that. They have the most overrated head coach in Norv Turner. Last week Norv Turner had a meltdown in his post-game press conference. I can't wait to see what Norv comes up with next. You have to believe that his reign as head coach is coming to an end.

Will that mean an end to Rivers in San Diego? That sounds crazy doesn't it? Not really. Turner and Rivers are attached at the hip. If a new coach is in store for the Chargers, will they have as much patience for Rivers? You would hope so. He's still a good quarterback. The pressure is just getting the best of him.

Rivers had bad year last year and this year hasn't been much better. As mentioned above, he is making dumb decisions. He needs to act like a veteran. He can't be showing his teammates that he's feeling the pressure of needing a win.

I wonder if Rivers would like to retract his preseason comments that he wanted Manning to play in Denver.

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