Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ponder in Perspective

I've been hard on Christian Ponder in the past couple of weeks. He's deserved my criticism and the fans criticism. Now Minnesota Vikings fans want the team to bench the young quarterback (QB). Let's put this in perspective.

Ponder made some strides early in the season and it looked like he had matured. The mistakes were minimal and more importantly he wasn't turning the ball over. In the past five weeks that has changed.  Ponder has made terrible mistakes and turned over the ball. More alarming is his inability to read defensive coverage and his tendency to panic when he should remain calm and collected.

So we know the young QB is struggling but is it time to turn off the switch and bench the QB? No. Not yet. The team needs to give him a few more weeks. Maybe even until the end of the year. These tough situations are when most quarterbacks learn to work things out.

It's not always going to be rosy. Most young quarterbacks struggle early in their careers, even after having above average rookie seasons like Cam Newton had last year. It's important that the team and the coaching staff supports him and shows that they have confidence in him, if they believe that he has the skills to be a successful QB.

I'm well aware of the Vikings struggles in the past few years and the team's trouble finding a young QB that will be able to lead the team into the future and the playoffs. If we are honest with ourselves, most of us thought that the Vikings would be terrible again and miss the playoffs this season. I had the team going 6-10.

The fact that the team over performed in the first 6 weeks of the season is not a reason to pull the plug on Ponder. I think that this is just the frustration of the fans boiling over. I understand that. I'm one of them. It pains me to see this incompetence week after week. It pains to see that we have only one player on offense who consistently performs at a high level week after week. (Adrian Peterson).

Right now it seems as if Leslie Frazier is remaining calm and backing his QB. We'll see how much pressure he faces in the next few weeks to pull the plug. Unfortunately for Ponder, he's entering a stretch run where he's going to be playing division rivals 4 times. This week he faces the Detroit Lions at home. Hopefully Ponder will show some improvement during this stretch.

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