Friday, November 16, 2012

Timberwolves on the Short End of the Score

The Timberwolves came alive in the 4th quarter again. Down by 14 with over 9 minutes to play, the Wolves reduced Golden State's lead to 3 in the closing minutes of Friday's game. That was as close as they got as Golden State was able to hang on to a 106-98.

The Wolves have played hard throughout their 9 games this season. Injuries have been the difference maker as they have injuries to a number of their top players. That hasn't stopped other Wolves players from stepping forward and playing well. The Wolves signed NBA veteran Josh Howard on Thursday to provide support to their lineup.

Tonight was his first game and he scored 6 points. Hopefully he will provide more support going forward. He has only been with the team for 1 day. At least there is another body on the court. If anything, it provides the role players with a rest.

Minnesota is now 5-4, which is impressive considering their injuries. This is an exciting team. Target Center is alive again. Fans appreciate the effort this club is giving and they know that their team never gives up, no matter the score. The Wolves find a way to make the game close.

Every game there are a few players that stand out and it seems that every night there is another team leader. Tonight it was Derrick Williams who led all scorers. Williams had 23 points, 7 rebounds and 4 blocked shots.

Then there was Alexey Shved who had 22 points and 7 rebounds. Alexy is our 4th quarter spark plug. He helps lead our squad on the comeback path.Shved was second among all leading scorers tonight

Mr. Reliable, Andrei Kirilenko had 18 points and 6 rebounds. Kirilenko tied for third among tonight's top scorers.

Why is it that the Wolves didn't win with the top 3 scorers? It comes down to the depth of the lineup. Golden State dressed 13 players tonight while Minnesota dressed only 10. It's hard to win with only 10 guys.

As mentioned before, I can't wait to see some healthy players return to the lineup. I think this team can really put a string of wins together when Kevin Love returns.

The players above have been singled out in our updates before. These guys are the soul of the team so far. Instead of picking a game MVP, all three get that honor tonight.


  1. Welcome Josh... Derrick, you played much better - use this success to build on - shoot the open shot, drive and finish strong. Shved is going to give us the wonderful and the comedic - as gifted a passes as he is, it will help when our shooters return. JJ's energy amd Roy's experience are needed, but it's critical the Pek return with his power play in the middle. We can forgo his points (although 20 is a lot to make up) but his defense we just can't replace. AK continues his solid play, Luke seemed a bit fatigued, but continues to play well. M. Lee's experience will help us later, his offense is lacking but defense helps us a lot.

  2. Hi and welcome back. I look forward to your insightful comments after every update. See you again after the next update (Wednesday). They need the rest.

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