Friday, November 2, 2012

NHL: Not So Classic announced that the there are reports that the NHL will be canceling the Winter Classic that was scheduled for New Years' Day. The Winter Classic is the biggest event during the NHL's regular season. Fans from all over North America tune in to watch the event. This is a sad day for hockey.

The Winter Classic helps to make the NHL a classic league. There is no event like it in other major sports. The players and the owners who've gambled by playing hardball during this lockout should be ashamed at themselves.

This could be the defining moment where the NHL finally alienated a big part of their fan base. While the NHL and NHLPA have hoped that the lockout wouldn't harm them at the box office, this gamble might not pay off. I've written in other posts that if the lockout was a long drawn out affair, that the NHL might face a permanent backlash by the NHL's fan base.

With this move, the NHL is basically saying that the earliest there will be hockey is January. That's if there's a season at all. The amount of money that both the players and the NHL are losing by acting like babies is ridiculous.

Both sides are taking a hard line approach and they are killing the league. The NHL might recover but any goodwill and momentum that the league had built in the 2011/12 season has been wiped out. Only a bunch of morons would do that to their business.

We can all try to blame Gary Bettman for this lockout but I blame the NHL owners and the players. Both sides can tell Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr to settle this thing. They haven't. Both sides have decided that it's better to lose money than compromise. Gary Bettman is just a gopher to the owners.

This type of reasoning is nonsense. Common sense doesn't exist with these clowns. The fan is the big loser in all of this and we'll see if the fans have enough resolve of their own to punish the NHL. This lockout and the decisions made by both sides might come back to haunt this league.

The NHL still has to compete with the NBA and other major leagues. Fans who would have attended an NHL game or watched it on TV are now turning to the NBA. In the United states, that fan might be very hard to lure back to the NHL. They might be lost forever.

The NHL comes in 4th place out of the 4 North American major sports leagues. They are a distant 4th. They don't really compete during the best of times but last year they made significant strides. The last thing the NHL needed was a lockout. The NHL has thrown away all gains made from last year and it only took them few months to do that.

Let's not forget the financial impact that this is having on South Michigan and Detroit. This is an area that greatly needs a something that is financially positive. They would have had that with the Winter Classic. The NHL has just stuck a dagger int he hearts of people int hat region, one of the strongest hockey communities in the country. We'll see if there's a backlash in hockeytown when the NHL eventually returns.

The next time that the NHL says that it's good for business, tell them to get lost. These selfish mules don't care about any community. They only care about themselves. They are disgusting people. The players and the owners are disgusting. They are selfish human beings.

As a long time NHL fan, I'm disgusted by what I've witnessed by both sides. The greed, stubbornness and selfishness has reached an all time high. The treatment of the NHL fan has reached an all time low. The
NHL is not so classic anymore.

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