Thursday, November 22, 2012

NFL Turkey Day Award

Today we're doing something a little different for the Fool of the Day. We are renaming it the Turkey Day award. The Turkey Day award names someone in the NFL who did something foolish or dumb during the three Thanksgiving Day games. We have two nominees today. It was a close call but we think we made the right decision.

Nominee #1 - Jim Schwartz (head coach of the Detroit Lions).
On a critical game changing play, Houston Texans receiver Justin Forsett ran the ball 81 yards for the game tying score. On the play, Forsett was tackled and looked like he was down. He kept running since there was no whistle and scored a TD. Instant replay showed that his elbow was down. Not a big problem, right? All scoring plays are reviewed.

That is normally the case. The problem is that the hot headed coach, Schwartz, reacted to what he saw on the big screen at Ford Field and illegally tried to challenge the play by throwing the challenge flag. That's against NFL rules. Since that play would have been reviewed, it is illegal to throw the challenge flag. That prevented the officials from reviewing the play. So the the touchdown counted and the Lions received a 15 yard penalty.

For me that was the play of the year. I dislike the Lions and their coach. This was justice. His team is a dirty team and losing his cool may have caused his team a victory. The Texans won the game in overtime by a score of 34-31.

Not only is Schwartz a hot head, he is a knucklehead.

Nominee #2 - Rex Ryan (head coach of the New York Jets)
The New York Jets were trounced by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on Thursday night. The final score was 49-19. The game was over by halftime as the Patriots were ahead 35-3. The fans were booing and restless at the end of the first half and the start of the second half. The Jets sideline looked like it lacked any energy or life. Instead of energizing the crowd, Rex Ryan decided to keep his Caboose hitched to Mark Sanchez.

Rex Ryan might end up losing his job because of his stubbornness and unwillingness to start Tebow. With the game out of reach and the paying fans chanting for Tebow at the end of the second half and throughout the third quarter, Ryan should have listened to them. At the very least it might have kept people in the stands.

This was an embarrassing game for the Jets. They committed 5 turnovers. All of those led to Patriots points. It wasn't all Sanchez's fault, although much of the blame should go to him He did have one interception and he lost a fumble. Sanchez is not a winner. He's proven that.

What was the worst thing that could have happened to Rex "I'm stubborn as a mule" Ryan's team? They were already down by 32 points. Rex is not only stubborn but he's a fool. He can't do anything to prevent his team from turning over the ball time after time.

Update: Apparently Tebow has revealed he has a rib injury. Rex still activated him and deactivated the 3rd string QB. I guess Rex would have used Tebow if it was necessary. I guess he gave up when it was 35-3. If Tebow couldn't go, he should have been deactivated. Rex is losing it.

The Turkey Day award is given to....drum roll please....Jim Schwartz. It was close but Jim's team was in the game and that one critical play could have cost his team the victory today.

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