Monday, November 26, 2012

NFL Recap Week #12 - A Different Way of Looking at Things

We're back with our unique version of the weekly recap. Week #12 was interesting and some teams were hilarious. We recap those games with a word, phrase or mock quote.

Houston Texans at Detroit Lions
Houston - Phew. Good thing hot head threw the flag on that TD.
Detroit - We have a complete bonehead for a coach.

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys
Washington - We have RG3. You have Romo.
Dallas Cowboys - How do we get an RG3?

New England Patriots at New York Jets
New England - Hey Tom, can you believe we won this game in about 1:20? What's with the Jets?
New York Jets - Note to Sanchez: You're not supposed to run into your own player's butt. Seriously dude!

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears
Minnesota - What just happened? Did we play football?
Chicago - We get to play the Vikings again in two weeks. Can you say victory?

Oakland Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals
Oakland - I hear that they're building a stadium in Los Angeles.
Cincinnati - I love our schedule. The Chiefs last week and the Raiders this week. Who makes this schedule? We love the guy.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh - 8 turnovers? 3 INTs from Batch. We're in big trouble. Where's Ben?
Cleveland - Hey coach Shurnur, you can uncover your eyes now. We won. We won. We won.

Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts
Buffalo - How far is Toronto from Buffalo? They really like us there.
Indianapolis- Luck to his team: We're back on track. His team: Dude. We just played the Bills.

Denver Broncos at Kansas City
Denver Broncos - Peyton Manning prior to the game to his team: OK guys. I'm kind of treating this as another bye week. The Chiefs really suck. I will do just enough for us to win. The defense can go out there and feast on them. Have fun guys.
Kansas City Chiefs - Romeo to team after the game. This is embarrassing. Do you know you punks are going to get me fired?

Seattle Seahawks at Miami Dolphins
Seattle - What the F is with those sprinklers. This place is crazy.
Miami - We beat the Seahawks. Their defense wasn't so good. We beat the Seahawks.

Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay
Atlanta - All we need to do is play well in the 4th quarter and this game is ours for the taking. Let's lull these guys to sleep.
Tampa Bay - Huh? What? That didn't just happen did it?

Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee - zzz!
Jacksonville - Holy cow, we won. We're going to...Maybe Los Angeles.

Baltimore Ravens at San Diego Chargers
Baltimore - Joe Flacco int he huddle to Ray Rice: Ray, I'm going to throw you a short pass. Don't worry, the Chargers always find a way to lose the game. Just make them miss. Avoid their tackles.
Ray Rice: I've got your back Joe. These guys can't tackle. Good play calling!
San Diego – Defensive Team Captain to defense: OK guys, we have this game. It’s 4th down and they need 29 yards. We can’t lose this game. Just don’t let the receiver catch a 29 yard pass. OK?
Defensive Captain: Make a tackle. Make a Tackle. Dang! You guys want to come to my house to watch the playoffs?

San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints
San Francisco - Anyone questioning Harbaugh now? What do you think of them apples?
New Orleans Saints - Note to Brees: Don't throw an interception against this team. They will burn you.

St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals
St. Louis Rams - We suck less than you. LOL!
Arizona Cardinals - What's our record now?

Green Bay Packers at New York Giants
Green Bay Packers - At home or on the road, can we beat the Giants?
New York Giants - We melted some cheese tonight.

Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles
Carolina -  Did you see Newton. He was awesome. He was incredible. He was unstoppable. Wait a minute. They just played the worst team in the NFC.
Philadelphia - Fumble. Fumble. Fumble. Penalty. Penalty. Penalty.

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