Monday, November 19, 2012

NFL Circus Title Game

I think the NFL should replace the Pro Bowl with an annual NFL Circus Title game. Unlike regular title games, the teams are picked not for their record or for their performance or lack of it on the field but for the outside influences and distractions associated with the teams. The loser of the title game automatically receives the last pick in the NFL draft and all players on the active roster should be fined 5% of their annual salary. Unlike the Pro Bowl where players don't put forth an effort, I think you will see the 2 teams in this title game give a 100% effort.

If I were to pick 2 teams that would be great participants for the first title game, it would be the New York Jets and the Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams are worthy of being chosen for the title game but it would be their on field performance that would determine who would win the game and who would be penalized.

A Case for the Jets
There's a good case for the Jets. Their off-field dramatics are well documented. This is a team that has a head coach in Rex Ryan that set the trend for these antics. Last year and the beginning of this season, Rex couldn't help keep his mouth shut. He trashed talked his opponents and their coaches and he acted like a clown during press conferences.

Rex's dramatics didn't end there. It has been reported that Rex played off player against player in the locker room. He thought that this would motivate his players. It didn't. Then players criticized each other in the locker room and the media.

Then last week, a number of anonymous players were mentioned in an article criticising Tim Tebow and calling him "Terrible". Yesterday, Bart Scott led a failed attempt at boycotting the media.

A Case for the Eagles
While the Eagles aren't as experienced in off the field distractions, they do have their fair share. These distractions don't have to be from a member of the team but do have to be linked to a player on the roster. Michael Vick represents the link. His younger brother Marcus, a man with past criminal convictions and behavior has taken to Twitter twice in the past 2 weeks.

During a Monday Night Football game that the Eagles were playing in, Marcus Tweeted heated comments against the Eagles for the punishment his brother Michael was taking. He demanded that his brother be traded. Michael later talked to his brother and told him to take down that account and refrain from more Tweeting.

That didn't work out well at all. Michael Vick should have known what he was dealing with in his little punk brother. His brother has no common sense and is a hot head. Today Marcus Vick posted some more Tweets. This time it was demanding the firing of some FATBOY. He must be referring to Andy Reid.

At least this distraction won't have any effect on Vick's play on the field. That's because Vick sat out yesterday's game against the Redskins due to a concussion. It's questionable if he will start the next game.

The final off-field distraction came today, one day after the loss to the Washington Redskins, when a number of anonymous Philadelphia Eagles players said they believed Andy Reid will be fired at the end of the season. This is one more distraction for the terrible embarrassment called the Philadelphia Eagles.

Upon further review, both teams are pretty well matched in the circus category. They are also evenly matched in the terrible football team category. The Eagles probably have a little edge in being the worse team but a head to head match up in the NFL Circus Title game would decide who was deserving of the circus award.

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