Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Night Football Preview - The Dud

Tonight's Monday Night Football (MNF) game is a dud. For those of us who are NFL junkies and love MNF, we've hit that one game that is a letdown. There have been good football games this past weekend and we now have this game. I feel sorry for the MNF crew. These guys will have to find a way to hype this affair.

There is one decent story line. Both teams are desperate for a win. Both teams are terrible. It's too hard for me to pick a winner but the Eagles might have the upper hand because they're playing at home. That might not be a real advantage for them since playing at home hasn't helped this group of misfits.

We can't blame the powers to be who decided to schedule this game for MNF. Entering the 2012 NFL season, the Eagles were picked by many to be a Super Bowl contender. Who would have thought that they would tank so badly? We should have seen this coming. The Eagles were expected to do well last year and they were a bust.

What made us think that they would be a good team last year and this year? Michael Vick. We blamed last season on his injuries. A healthy Vick would be the difference this year, right?

Healthy or not, the offensive line is downright offensive. This not only presented a problem for Vick but helped knock him out of the lineup. Vick has a concussion injury and will miss another game.

I'm guessing the Panthers were picked due to the good rookie season that Cam Newton had in 2011. As good as last year was for Newton, this has been equally as bad. Newton has proven one thing. He isn't a good leader. He's a sissy. He needs to grow up.

So we have two teams tonight that are headed in the same direction. That direction is south. The Eagles are 3-7 and have lost six in a row. For all intents and purposes this team is done and will not make the playoffs. The Panthers are 2-8 and have lost two straight. They are done.

What are these two putrid teams playing for? Are they playing for respectability? No. They don't have any left. Are they playing for pride? I think they've lost that as well. Bragging rights? I guess the winner can claim bragging rights that they are the best of the worst in the NFC.

If the Panthers win this game, both the Eagles and the Panthers will be at 3-8 and tied for the worst record in the NFC. The Panthers will actually edge out the Eagles, since they would have beaten them on MNF.

I will be watching this game. I hope that it's a good game but I'm expecting a comedy if errors. In either case, I will probably have something to write about.

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