Thursday, November 29, 2012

Michael Jordan Busted by Shorts Police

Michael Jordan was busted by the La Gorce Country Club shorts police. OK, they're not real police but it seems as if someone from the club didn't have anything better to do than go out to the 11th hole and ask Michael Jordan to purchase golf shorts. Jordan was wearing cargo shorts.

Jordan refused to trade in his cargo shorts for the country club's approved shorts. Jordan was a little miffed that the club would take issue on the 11th hole and not prior to that. The club should have said something before he started his round of golf. He had also frequented the club before and nothing was said. The club will not invite him back.

The club is idiotic. Jordan is an icon in the sports and entertainment world. You'd think the club could have handled this better. They should have let him finish the round and then they could have diplomatically informed him of their policy. They're numbsculls. Why wouldn't they want someone of Jordan's stature to return?

I don't know but the idiots from this club deserve their club to be today's fool of the day. I can just imagine what Jordan must have thought as he was getting ready to play the hole and some clown approached him to change his shorts.

I'm sure he was thinking that the people at this club must be a group of buffoons. I'm sure that Jordan is really heartbroken that the club doesn't want him back. I'm sure that there are other country clubs that would welcome Michael Jordan, cargo shorts and all.

If the La Gorce Country Club wanted publicity they got it. I'm just not sure that this would be the type of publicity I would want for my club if I was the club's president.

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