Sunday, November 18, 2012

Media Jinxing the NFL MVP Candidates?

There's no doubt that Adrian Peterson (AP) is having a phenomenal season. AP injured his ACL and MCL last season and has made a miraculous recovery. What he's been able to do and how he's been able to recover is historic. AP is the NFL NFL rushing leader with 1,128. His closest competitor is Marshawn Lynch who has 1,005 yards.

With AP's incredible year it has the media and fans already naming AP as a candidate for NFL MVP. Hold on. Wait a minute. Let the season play out. Is the media jinxing AP and the NFL MVP candidates? I think so. There is still 7 weeks in left in the NFL season. Anything can happen.

If there's a player who will continue to be consistent it is AP. He's got the work ethic and the skills but as I said above, anything can happen. Why start with the MVP talk? I think the media is lazy and bored. They must not have anything better to do.

I also think the media jumps on the bandwagon too much. When a player is hot they are naming him MVP. If that player starts to have a slump they will jump off the wagon and criticize him. Maybe that's too harsh but it's pointless to have MVP talk this early.

I think it sets up the player to fail. We've seen it happen before. We've seen a team anointed the Super Bowl Champion midway through a season, only to see them fail miserably. Maybe that's what the media does. Maybe they like setting up the follow up story of failure.

Maybe I just have my superstitions when it comes to sports. You never say your team is going to win, even when they are up by 21 heading into the 4th quarter. You never ask the question, will my team's goalie get the shutout when he has one with a few minutes left in the game. We've seen it happen where that team loses. We've seen it happen where that goalie lets in goal late in the game.

It's happened to my favorite goalies and favorite teams. Just when they have reeled me in and made me believe in them, they've had a colossal meltdown late int he game only to break my heart and leave me shaking my noggin.

I'm upset with this MVP talk because I feel it could be a jinx. Why not wait until the last couple of weeks for this talk? What good does it do talking about the NFL's MVP now? AP has only played 63% of his games. There's almost 40% of the season left.

As you already know, I think this MVP talk is ridiculous and distracting. If AP finishes the season the way he's played up until now, I would say he is deserving of the award but that's 7 weeks away and a lot of football to be played.

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