Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Major League Soccer - Major Failure

Today's Fool of the Day is Major League Soccer for not canceling an Easter Conference playoff game in North Jersey between the New York Red Bulls and the D.C. United. Everyone around the country knows that a major storm (Nor'easter) was scheduled to hit the New York/New Jersey area.

What did the MLS do? They didn't cancel the game. As the New York Daily News reports, the league kept the game on the schedule. Fans took their seats as the snow was falling and boy was it falling. It was a storm. Eventually the league cancelled the game and rescheduled it for Thursday.

C'Mon guys. This is one of the most idiotic decisions in sports history. How could the MLS allow the game to remain on the schedule? Why didn't they cancel the game? They must have know that a storm was on its way.

Maybe they were too busy rejoicing Washington State's marijuana ballot initiative victory. Maybe they are just Jackasses. Whatever the reason was, they people of the area have been hit hard. The league should have canceled the game earlier. Not when fans were already at the game.

Major League soccer must have some pretty loyal fans. Imagine showing up in a Nor'easter to watch a soccer game. Kudos to the fans. A big failure goes out to the MLS.

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