Thursday, November 8, 2012

Luck on Their Side

The Indianapolis Colts had Luck on their side. Andrew Luck that is. The guy can play. Jacksonville on the other hand didn't have any luck. The poor team can't buy a break. My comments about the Jacksonville Jaguars will be short and sweet. There's not much to talk about.

Jacksonville is a terrible team with terrible luck. There were a couple of critical close calls that went against the team. On instant replay they received the short end of the stick. A terrible team like this needs to catch a break but they can't. When they don't have close, nail biting plays going against them, they were taking horrible penalties that extended drives for the Indianapolis Colts. Then there's an almost non-existent Offensive line, which is offensive. Finally, I have this question, can people show up to a game in Jacksonville? Enough said.

Now it’s time to turn my intention to the Indianapolis Colts. Andrew Luck is impressive. The kid can play. He sure looks like a veteran and not a rookie. His leadership and confidence is truly amazing as is his ability to make smart plays down the field.

Luck is able to spot open receivers with ease and his ability to avoid the rush and then use his legs to make plays is a joy to watch. This is definitely the Luck thrill ride and he's taking NFL fans along the ride with him. A startling fact that I heard on the NFL network's post game show is that Luck trails only RG3 for the NFL touchdown rushing TD lead among quarterbacks. He trails him by 1 TD.

Luck's ability to step up in the pocket and make a play is probably the most unexpected strength of Luck. As I said before, Luck is playing like a veteran, not a rookie. No rookie has had a winning record to end a rookie season. Luck and the Colts are 6-3 and he's well on his way to that winning season.

When future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning left town, who thought that the Colts would have any chance of making the playoffs? I don't think anyone thought they had that chance. This is a team that won 2 games last year and they started this year with a rookie QB. This is an amazing story.

We shouldn't forget about Reggie Wayne who has a good game yesterday. He's Luck's go to guy this year. Boy it's fun to watch both of them light up the field. Reggie Wayne has shown his veteran leadership on the field this season and should get some of the credit for the success that the Colts have been having through 9 games. Wayne had 8 catches for 96 yards.

The team is playing for Chuck Pogano who is fighting Leukemia. The power of an emotional story and fighting for a coach can sure provide some motivation to a team. The Colts seem to have embraced fighting for their coach. This is the story of the year so far this NFL season. I'm sure many Americans are cheering for the Colts.

They are a great underdog story. They are a team representing real life. Their coach has cancer and that's bigger than football. They see their coach fighting this ugly disease and they are along for the ride with their coach, their teacher, their friend.

Andrew Luck is playing well above expectations. The kid's skill set is impressive and it was highlighted tonight against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Luck finished the game 18 for 26, 227 yards passing, 2 rushing TDs and 1 INT. Pretty good for a rookie. The Colts definitely have Luck on their side.

One more question. Can someone from Jacksonville show up to the game. Your stadium is empty!

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