Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kobe 40. The Rest of His sorry Team 37

Kobe Bryant had 40 points tonight in the Los Angeles Lakers loss to the Indiana Pacers. The rest of his so called high scoring and superstar teammates combined for 37 points as the Lakers lost 70-77. This is hilarious. The Lakers under Mike D'Antoni were supposed to have this high powered offense and an improved defense.

Mike, you got this all wrong. Your system has created a good defense with no scoring. Where is Mike Brown? The Lakers fired his sorry butt for not performing. You might not be too far away buddy. D'Antoni you are 2/3 since taking over the beleaguered Lakers.

Kobe Bryant Signed Photo - 24 x 30 PANINI LE 124I think all you're waiting for now is the return of Steve Nash. Then your high powered offense will take off. Unless you didn't realize this, Lakers fans will not wait too long before booing your team and calling for you to be fired.

Why am I so hard on you? I'm still annoyed that the Lakers didn't hire the right coach for the job. That man should have been Phil Jackson. Instead of hiring the great coach, they treated him like garbage and then hired you. It's not your fault that you aren't up to the standards of Phil. Who is? By the way. How many championships have you won? Say that louder! Zero? You must be kidding me?

I wonder how the superstar Lakers feel now. They were all excited that they would be this scoring machine. They were for one game a couple of nights ago but then that magic went poof.

Kobe did well tonight and he had the flu. Where were the other underachievers? Yes I know. The great Dwight Howard put up 17 points. Woohoo for Howard. That's not good enough.

This is what I was afraid of when the Lakers didn't hire Jackson. It's not easy coaching a bunch of selfish superstars but that's what Phil is great at. The guy has only won 11 championships. What were the Lakers thinking? They obviously weren't thinking.

I'm happy that the Lakers brass has a high powered scorer like Kobe but that's all they have. When you have one guy scoring 52% of your points, you have no balance. What will the Lakers do if this trend continues? They would have to ride it out. They've already burned a bridge with Phil Jackson.

I really think that the Lakers front office blew this hiring. I think they allowed their personal feelings get the best of them. They might get burned with this decision and they might have to hear many nights of a disgruntled crowd. Maybe they should cut their losses and beg Phil to forgive them.

Money isn't an issue with this team. They can afford to take the hit. They can't afford to allow this poor product to continue to take the court every night. I know that this is a fantasy. They would never go begging to Phil and Phil would probably slam the door in their punk faces but it's good to have dreams.

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