Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jim Harbaugh's Merry-Go-Round of Quarterbacks

Jim Harbaugh once again stirred the media pot by refusing to name his starting quarterback (QB) against the St. Louis rams this week. Could Alex Smith really be the starter? Before I answer that question I must admit that things did go well for Colin Kaepernick last week. Not as well as the Bears game but well enough considering that the 49ers defense was dominant against Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints offense.

I'm not going to make an outright apology. That's not the point. The point is that it hasn't backfired yet. Now back to the question posed above. I do think the starter will be Colin K. He's on a roll. He's hot but there is a slight possibility for Alex.

Colin Kaperpernick faced the worst defense in the NFL in week 12. This week he faces the 12 ranked defense in the Rams. The Rams have been streaky. They've shown moments of brilliance and moments of complete ineptitude but overall they are a solid crew.

St. Louis is tied for 9th in interceptions and ranks 4th in sacks. This is a team that will get to the QB and pressure him. This is something that Colin K hasn't had to face too much of in the past two weeks. Harbaugh might be taking that into account when evaluating which QB to start, especially if he believes that he has two starting QBs.

If we are to take Harbaugh at his word, he goes with the hot hand. Colin Kapernick has been hotter than a Sauna and even I would go with him at this point. Once again my fear is that he will face a dominant defense and will be rattled. I fear he will make rookie type mistakes. That's OK for a developing QB but the 49ers are making a push to win it all this year. They can't afford to develop a QB. That means that Colin K would be benched.

Then all of sudden you thrust Alex Smith back into the fold and expect him to be awesome after sitting out three weeks (1 due to concussion and possibly 2 due to being in a backup roll). That's not a winning formula and it's getting late in the season to try and find the groove.

Alex Smith was having a good year and winning games for the team. It's unlikely that he will get the start this week but it's not unlikely he will see playing time in the future. I sure hope that this merry-go-round of quarterbacks doesn't continue into the playoffs.

I want Harbaugh to know who the quarterback is going to be. Who will he ride into the playoffs and hopefully the Super Bowl. That's up in the air right now.

I haven't pulled any punches that I'm an Alex Smith fan. I was upset that Harbaugh even considered benching him but I'm a 49ers fan first and foremost (well...The Vikings still come first). If Colin K gives this team the best chance of winning, you have to start him. 

I'm just concerned that within the next few weeks, we are going to see Colin K become the type of first or second year QB that is normal in the NFL. If that's a couple of games before the playoffs or in the playoffs, this team is in trouble. This could have been avoided by sticking with the guy that who was winning games for this team this year. His name is Alex Smith.

Stats source: ESPN.com.


  1. very well written and thought out post by the usually acerbic sportmentary!

  2. Thanks Bomber Blue. I appreciate your comment!


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