Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is Bobby Knight Entertaining or Moronic?

Nothing says bragging rights like a Fathead!
Bobby Knight is known for throwing a chair, putting hands on players, having meltdowns and then some. Are his actions moronic and indicative of mental health issues or is coach Knight entertaining. It’s a little bit of both. In the media booth it is relatively harmless and ads entertainment value but the problem with Knight is that you can’t control or suppress what comes out of his mouth.

Bobby Knight Autographed Pointing On Sideline Vertical 8x10 PhotographI ask this question because Knight flew off the handle while he was in the announcing booth for ESPN while covering the matchup between the Indiana Hoosiers and the Georgia Bulldogs on Monday night. Knight took offense to the number of 3 pointers that Georgia was taking.

As he was flying off the handle, another 3 pointer was taken and as reported by USA Today, Knight said the following:

"The next time I saw Djuricic taking a three I think I would've shot him before he got the shot off." 

That was a little harsh wouldn't you say? Normally I would be flying off the handle and calling Knight all types of names. I guess I'm a hypocrite but I think the guy is extremely funny and entertaining.

Do I think he crossed the line? Of course I do. Is this appropriate for television? Probably not. Will they try to admonish Knight? Probably. The problem with Knight is that he's a loose cannon (sorry for the poor choice of words) and he doesn't care. All the warnings in the world aren't going to change Bobby Knight.

ESPN should have known what they were getting into when they hired Knight. Didn't they see all the tapes of coach knight throwing chairs onto the basketball court? don't they know that the NCAA had to bolt his chair to the floor so he couldn't throw it?

They obviously wanted the ratings. Fans like me love Knight. You either love him or hate him. I don't take hims seriously. The guy cracks me up and the smallest thing could set him off. That's what makes him so funny.

I'm sure that Knight isn't acting and is really a hothead. I'm sure he really does have a bad temper. I'm sure that temper can erupt at any moment without notice like it did during the Hoosiers game. That's what makes him so hilarious. He's a clown but he isn't acting.

I feel sorry for the people who have to work in the booth with him. Can you imagine how uncomfortable that would be if you were announcing a game and your partner said something crazy like that? Once again, that's what makes Knight a ratings bonanza.

ESPN might be forced by its sponsors to punish Knight but I do think all parties knew what they were getting when they hired the guy. Can Knight stick a cork in his mouth when he's about to erupt? Not a chance. He would erupt. Besides, I don't think Mount Knight knows when he's about to erupt.


  1. You are a COMPLETE idiot. Did you hear the comment or just read about it written by some hack that needs attention? If you heard Coach Knight's comment you would know that he wasn't 'flying off the handle'. Get a clue before wrting this moronic drivel. Can't believe I spent 2 minutes reading this crap and another 2 minutes responding.....

  2. I heard his comment and yes he flew off the handle. If you had read the whole article you would know that I like Bobby Knight and think he's entertaining. When I followed him when he was coach of the Hoosiers, I found him funny as well. Remember when he used to throw chairs? Yes, I did see video of him throwing chairs and it wasn't an imposter.

    Thanks for your comment, even if you found it crap and called me an idiot. I think you need a little dose of reality.

  3. How many 'chairs' did he throw? If you see a video played 25 times, that doesn't mean he threw 25 chairs - were you even born when that happened? I'd be curious to know if you can name ALL the times he threw chairs.....

  4. That video was only one of the many times he did it. Yes, I was a teenager then. The guy did it so much that the NCAA had to bolt his chair to the floor. I mentioned that in my article as well.

    I still find him funny, even if he is a maniac.

  5. You have to look at the big picture with Knight and his career that has been marred with controversy and conflict. I'm not sure how old you are but I've been following this guy for over 20 years. He's a hot head and always has been. He's put his hands on players necks, lost his temper at the officials and thrown numerous chairs onto the court. He'lost it at pressers. So when an incident like this occurs, I have a wealth of knowledge and evidence about the man.

  6. Time for an education: Feb 23rd 1985 at Assembly Hall in Bloomington during a9 point loss to Purdue. The ONE and ONLY time he thru a chair onto the floor. Find another incidient and you will have my respect and apology - good luck. I am guessing you weren't born in 1985. That doesn't make you wrong, but saying things that are simply not true makes you untrustworthy.

  7. Keith, I will apologize. Looks like only one incident of actually throwing a chair. His seat was bolted at one point and he did kick chairs but only one incident of actually hurling a chair.

    I was born 15 1/2 years prior to that incident.

  8. It is good to see you guys made up although I was enjoying the back and forth exchange.
    I think Knight made his bed and now he must lie in it. I also thought he threw more than one chair. I guess it is true what the ysay that first impressions are lasting!

  9. Hey Bomber Blue. Seems as if you reside in the Peg. Good to see a fellow Canadian joining the conversation. Welcome to the site.

  10. I appreciate the fact that you have owned this misstatement. This is the problem with posting information - I am sure you thought this was done many times, but the truth is the truth. Point of fact, it has been said that he threw the chair because he couldn't throw his jacket - this was the 1st game where Coach Knight wore a sweater and not a sport coat. Also, shortly after the inciddent, IU atached all the bench chairs together, therefore making it impossible to heave one onto the court. Not Coach Knight's best moment. I have spent TOO much time defending him over the years. I would take exception to the 'flying off the handle' comment, but I am satisfied for now. Thanks for 'manning up' and admiting a mistake - others wouldn't take accountability. Happy Thanksgiving! GO HOOSIERS!!!

  11. Keith, thanks for your comment. I'm int he process of ensuring that the text in the article is factual and will be making a change there as well. He did kick chairs, didn't he or a chair?

    The funny thing is that this post was meant to show my support for Knight. Some have called for his being suspended (or worse from ESPN) and this was meant to support Knight and the fact that he should remain employed with the network.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!


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