Thursday, November 29, 2012

In All Seriousness Mark Sanchez is a Failure

I've been reading a couple articles today that have basically said that Mark Sanchez's numbers have been better the past few weeks but he's still struggling. In all seriousness the guy is a failure. I'm not going to be nicey nice. I don't care that Sanchez has done a little better the past few weeks. I want to look at his season as a whole. It's terrible and that's why the New York Jets are 4-7.

The play that summed up Mark's season was when he ran into his own player's butt and fumbled the ball. Despite what some people say that his numbers are better as of late, Sanchez is the 30th ranked quarterback in the NFL. That's awful. The stats in this case don't lie when looking at Sanchez.

Let's continue with our statistical analysis of Mark Sanchez. As far as his pass completion percentage is concerned, Sanchez is ranked 33 out of 34 NFL quarterbacks (QBs). That's atrocious. As far as the number of Touchdowns (TDs) that Sanchez has thrown, his QB rank is 24th in the NFL with 12. That's embarrassing.

Sanchez has thrown only two more TDs (12) than Interceptions (10). That's losing football. No matter what the Jets do on defense and it hasn't been good, you can win with those numbers. It really doesn't matter that Mark might have improved his pass completion percentage the past few weeks. He still has two losses in three games and has made bad mistakes. This is unacceptable.

It's amazing that Alex Smith has been benched in favor of Colin Kaepernick even though he's the fifth ranked NFL QB. Maybe there will be a spot on the Jets for him next year. I really don't think that the Jets can take much more of a chance on Sanchez.

Sanchez has been awful the past two years. Maybe it's also time to bring in Jim Harbaugh as a consultant. Maybe he can teach Rex Ryan how to dump a quarterback in one easy step.

Sanchez seems like a nice guy but that's immaterial. If he can't produce on the field it doesn't matter how nice he is. He can become a waiter (not meant as an offense to waiters). Nice guys do well in that profession, don't they? The only way to sell yourself in the NFL as a QB is to produce and win games. Alex Sanchez has failed in that regard.

I know that it's harsh to say that he's a failure but I'm just trying to be honest. I think that he should have been benched weeks ago. He wasn't and his play has been brutal.

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