Monday, November 12, 2012

If Sanchez Gives the Jets the Best Opportunity of Winning, the Team is Doomed

Mark Sanchez has played terrible football this season. He had one of his worst games of the season against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Even after compiling a 3-6 record with Sanchez, Rex Ryan still plans on sticking with Sanchez. Rex says that Sanchez gives the Jets the best chance of winning. If that's true, the Jets are doomed.

Autographed Mark Sanchez Picture - 16x20 GLOBALDon't take my word that Sanchez sucked Sunday. According to a Yardbarker article, Stinkchez was 9-22 for 124 yards. He also lost a fumble and threw a critical interception while in the red zone. I think that's putrid. I think that's disgusting. I think Sanchez is one of the worst quarterbacks in the league. He's awful.

Tim Tebow has had a limited role with the Jets, even though Sanchez hasn't been productive. Tebow hasn't been happy with his limited role. He shouldn't be. Why did the Jets trade for him if they wanted him to be a bench warmer? Tebow is a winner. He's proven that.

What do the Jets have to lose by starting Tebow? Nothing. They might actually win some games. Tebow should be given a chance. As I mentioned before, the Jets have nothing to lose but losing and they're already doing that.

The silver lining here is that Stinkchez will continue to stink and that will likely lead to Rex "I have a big pie hole" Ryan's demise. Ryan will stick with Sanchez for now and will continue to lose for now. That makes me happy. I dislike the Jets. I also dislike Joe Namath and I can't wait to read more idiotic Joe Namath comments.

I wonder what Namath thought of the beautiful loss by the Jets and Sanchez's putrid playing. Actually I don't think what Sanchez did yesterday can be called quarterbacking. The guy is terrible. Did I already say that? Yes I did but he is terrible.

Maybe Rex Ryan will change his mind but I doubt it. The guy has an ego the size of California and Texas put together. It would take a humble person to change course and admit that Sanchez isn't the guy. Rex doesn't have that ability.

Rex thinks that Mark Suckschez gives the Jets the best chance of winning. The Jets are doomed and that makes me happy.

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