Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How Does it Feel to be an NHL Fan? Part 2

Last week I wrote an article about how it feels to be an NHL fan. This is what a blogger does when there isn't anything useful to write about regarding the NHL. Nothing much has changed and while the NHL and NHLPA are having meetings (albeit rather brief discussions), nothing much is being accomplished.

With the numbness being felt not being able to watch NHL hockey and my anger turning to apathy; it has forced me to write articles explaining my feelings. This week I'm attempting part 2 of how it feels to be a fan.

So how does it feel being an NHL fan? I feel like a Yo Yo. Like a Yo Yo that goes up and down, side to side, being pulled in every direction, I feel like the NHL/NHLPA has done that to me as well. Some weeks there have been positive signs. Then the talks come crashing down.

Other weeks there has been the status quo (like the sideways motion of a Yo Yo). That's when nothing is happening. That's when both sides have decided to take an extended vacation. that's like a yo yo being placed on the shelf until its owner has a use for it. That's how I feel like.

Then finally the tricks come. Like Yo Yo tricks, where a Yo Yo does loops, circles, twirls, etc., both the NHL and NHLPA have played tricks on each other. The tricks that the NHL& NHLPA have played have been felt by the fans. Maybe it's time for the Yo Yo to cut its ties (string) and not have its chain yanked by the NHL anymore. It's time for the fan not to feel like a Yo Yo. It's time for the fan not to be taken for granted and abused by the NHL & NHLPA.

The fan doesn't have a voice. The only thing the fan can do is boycott games when these clowns finally get back to hockey. I don't think that will happen. I think the NHL fan is content on feeling like a Yo Yo. They are allowing the NHL and NHLPA to pull all the strings.

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