Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holding On - Timberwolves Win

The Minnesota Timberwolves held on and sustained a Fourth quarter rally by the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento on Tuesday night. The team finally broke their 5 game losing streak and it was Kevin Love that led the way for the team.

I was starting to think that the Wolves were sounding like barking Chihuahuas but tonight the Howl returned. I want to hear more howl and Wolf and less Chihuahua.

As the 4th quarter started and the Wolves took the court, I was hoping that the Timberwolves could hold on to their 8 point lead. In the past couple of games, the Timerwolves have let leads slip away, especially in the closing minutes.

Sacramento did pull within 3 points late but the Timberwolves fought through it and ended up winning by the same margin that they entered the 4th quarter with. Minnesota won the game 97-89. In previous games the bench played a big role. Tonight, all 5 starters played a huge roll.

This is the type of game I was hoping from the team once Love returned. They are a powerful team when their stars are playing. Rubio says he will return earlier than expected. If that's true, the Timberwolves will be a contender.

I think Minnesota has faced their tough tests with honor and resolve. If they can stay healthy and have Love and Rubio in the lineup, this team will be exciting to watch. Tonight was awesome. I can go to sleep a little easier than the last game. Let's not sugar coat it. I didn't sleep very well after last game.

It might be a couple of games too late but Kevin showed me the Love tonight. Now he has to keep it up. He is the team's leader. He showed that tonight, even if they faced one of the worst clubs in the NBA. They still have to win these games.

Here are how our starters did:
Kevin LoveLove finished the game with 23 points and 24 rebounds. That is the Love we're used to.
Andrei Kirilenko Andrei had 14 points and 6 rebounds.
Nikola Pekovic - Pekovic had another solid game. He had 16 points and 8 rebounds.
Luke Ridnour - Ridnour had 18 points. Great job.
Malcolm Lee - Finished with 10 points. This was a good effort.

Tuesday's star of the game: Kevin Love.

Stats courtesy of ESPN.com.

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