Monday, November 26, 2012

Fumble. Fumble. Fumble. Sprinkled in With Penalty After Penalty

Fumble. Fumble. Fumble. The fumbles were sprinkled in with dumb penalty after dumb penalty. This describes the Philadelphia Eagles in tonight's game against the Carolina Panthers. It also describes the Eagles season. Tonight, the Eagles played a close game but they continued to shoot themselves in the foot with turnovers and undisciplined penalties.

The fumbles and the penalties killed the Eagles. They came at inopportune times. The fumbles came when the Eagles needed scoring drives. The penalties came when the defense had to stop cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

The Eagles lost three fumbles tonight. It must have made Andy Reid crazy. This is how this season has gone. Can't these guys hold on to the football? It's too late to turn this thing around and correct the mistakes. The team needs new player personnel. Philadelphia played a much better game tonight and moved the ball well but the mistakes were a killer.

Cam Newton had one of his best games of the year. He went 18/28 for 306 yards and 2 TDs. He had 0 INTs and a QB rating of 125.0. Newton also rushed for 52 yards on 14 carries and had 2 rushing TDs. It was all Cam Newton.

Before Cam gets all excited, he should seriously evaluate the team he was playing. The Eagles are embarrassing on defense. They have just about no pass defense. There were receivers that were so wide open it had everyone shaking their heads. This was amateur time. I've never seen anything this bad.

The Eagles are the only team other than the Chargers that could probably be beaten on a 4th down and 50 to go. All the QB would have to do is pass the ball to the wide open receiver who could run right down the open field.

Atrocious is another word to describe the mistakes that the Eagles made tonight. I know I'm hammering this team but their play was nauseating. I'm not a big fan of the fans of the city of brotherly love but I feel for them. I'm not a Philly fan but it was painful seeing that team making mistake after mistake.

Just as you hear fumble. You heard fumble again and again. This isn't professional football. It is junk ball. What's maddening about this team's poor playing is that it's going to get an excellent coach fired.

Andy Reid deserves better from his players. The players on the field are a joke. They are atrocious. They are nauseating!

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